Will there be a public demo?


Will there be a public demo for all platforms (at best on release), so that we can encourage friends to try the game and explain it to them? Word of mouth is now essential, and it would be helpful if there was something we could talk people into.


I’d imagine that the alpha and beta were the public demos - aside from that, I think our best bet is letting people sample our versions of the game. Not so useful for people we know online, though.


I don’t think so really. Sorry.
Tbh demos are pretty much incredibly rare for any game these days…

Yet if Microsoft had their way I bet lending someone your game would result in fatal detonation of the console, killing everyone in the household.


I think it would be a good idea to make a demo, but sometime after release so that it would actually get people who didn’t buy or aren’t sure to buy rather than the people who want to get some free playtime. It would also have to be limited somehow


I’d say it’s unlikely up to this point. @OjinM basically said what needed to be said, but I want to add on a little tidbit.

If you’re a PC user, steam will occasionally have free weekends here and there for games. There’s a good possibility that there may be such an event for Evolve in the future. But I’ll admit, the chance of that happening anytime soon is slim. Maybe when 6-12 months have passed? But even then, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be a free weekend for Evolve.

Sorry mate :<


I know way too many people who did not get a beta key on PS4.

If there would be not enough Servers available for a public multiplayer demo, TRS could give people a singleplayer demo. A singleplayer demo could also be useful, because bots are more forgiving: Many demo testers jsut ignore tutorials and jump right into the game.


Well, aside from Goliath Bot, whose AI shall be the herald of our new robot overlords.


It wouldn’t be as fun am experience and might cause people to get the wrong impression


Oh yeah. Got to say, the PS4 really seemed to get the short end of the stick with the alpha and the beta. -_-


Seems it got the short end of the stick on basically everything so far -_- but it’s cool


[quote=“Edgar_Saintvil, post:8, topic:30946, full:true”]
It wouldn’t be as fun am experience and might cause people to get the wrong impression[/quote]
Singleplayer mode has been largely advertised, and I know people who only consider buying the game because of its singleplayer. Why should it give the wrong impression to show people what has been advertised? I think the bots in Evolve are pretty good.