Will there be a monster vs monster mode


I really hope there is I would like to see goliath vs kraken

Monster VS Monster?

Dont know how well that would work out seeing as how Goliath is restricted to the ground and doesn’t have to many ranged abilities.


Good point


Personally I’d love it. Alpha Predator mode! haha! Every match, when all monsters hit level 3, I’d quote the guy in the Godzilla movie: “Let them fight…”

It could work if the rock throw could knock Kraken down, as well as having Goliath’s leap be able to hit Kraken mid-air.


That would be awesome


There are better people to answer this, but I’ve been there when this came up enough times I feel like I can chime in.

Never say never. But right now there’s not an obvious way to do it without breaking the game. We’ve tuned combat between monster and hunter so it’s a fun fight. It takes a certain amount of time for the monster to down a hunter, based on how much fun the game is.

That same standard would have to apply to monster v monster. It still has to be fun! Which means a MVM fight would have to take roughly as long as a MVH fight. It was over too quickly, it’s not fun. If it takes forever, it’s not fun.

Right now, it would take forever. It would be a long, unfun slog. Because Monsters are tuned to stand up to four people pounding on them, while it still takes the monster a little while to down a single hunter.

If we changed that, so the MVM fight was snappy and fun, that would mean either one of two things;

1: MVH fights would be over in an instant.
2: MVH fights would have different rules about damage and hit points.

Neither of those are good outcomes. Fights need to be as long as they are to create dramatic, fun gameplay. Monsters verses monsters would be a different set of rules and solving them would break monster versus hunter.

But who knows, there may be a way to do it! We’ll see! If we can find a way to make it fun, we’ll try it.

New gametype
Speaking of gamemodes
Monster Vs Monster gamemode

You could have a showdown of which monster could kill the most hunters in a set period of time.


That is a very good point - balancing something like that sounds insanely hard! It’s like in smash bros custom mode, when the players are set to giant, heavy, metal, increased gravity, and reduced damage. Nobody gets anywhere >.<

It’s still really cool that it was even considered though! Plus, I’m glad that MvH was so finely tuned. The attention to detail shows!


Another issue is that, if the new monster is the same speed as the first two, when one starts losing a fight and tries backing out, the other one can just keep up and damage them. The hunters have always been slightly slower even at full speed, allowing the monster to escape and regain its footing in the match, if caught.