Will there be a Hunting Season 3?


Hello Turtle Rock Studios Community. I just have couple questions for all of you. What are the plans for the future of Evolve gameplay ? Team will focus on tier 2 variations mainly or will it be a season 3 with 4 new hunters and 1 new monster ?
I heard rumors that DEV team has their hands full of some other new project. Is it true ? thank you for you feed back and your time.


we will get T2 - T3 Variation then maybe T4 - T5 Variation or if we hv luck we ill get a T6 ( i really hope )


Yeah unless they pump out variations like rabbit babies they’ll be doing them until Holiday this year


Hi there.

This is what we know at the moment. We’re getting a micropatch pretty soon (no specific date given yet) to make some balance adjustments to the game. They are working on a huge title update which is patch 9.0 to be released in the summer (again no specific date). They are working on t2 adaptations to be released some point shortly after 9.0 and t3 adaptations have been confirmed but no date given yet. T4 and 5 adaptations have not been confirmed as of yet, but TRS have said in the past that they would like to do them. I hope we get them eventually but understand if we don’t. There has been no word on a t6 so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not we’ll get it.

That’s pretty much everything from the top of my head. I’m sure someone will say if I’ve missed anything. :smile:


^ what this guy said!


Yes, but it’s very early in the development as they’re hiring people right now for it. So most likely people are working on story and concept aspects of their next game, which will be a new IP.