Will there be a hidden MMR system for ranked?


There’s a lot of players who are upset with joining in on games with incompetent ally hunters… As well as high skilled monsters pub stomping cause of that. I feel like I get worse if I play pubs, it’s kind of gotten to that point. I think if each individual player was some how ranked according to how skilled they play their chosen hunter, things would go better for everyone. Not only for the hunters but for the monster too, so higher skilled monsters can have a bit more of a challenge.

Also this would be great for the people who mostly play hunter, reach level 40, and then decide to play monster only to get crapped on by level 40 hunters because they’re new to monster.



It wouldn’t let me quote, but this is how ranked is gonna work

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That makes me happy :D. I hope there’s symbols to represent skill level too cause that is fun.