Will there be a future patch to reduce VRAM usage on High Textures?


Long before Evolve was released, the recommended system requirements stated that 2GB VRAM was the recommended video RAM, and so I bought a GPU with 2GB (the R9 270X).

And so now I am depressed. Because I know that I will never ever be able to play the game on high textures without the stuttering issue. I feel really stupid, and know that I can never ever be able to enjoy the game as well as anyone else. I feel cold, shivering, and near the verge of death, knowing that all hope has been lost. Additionally, my eyes are starting to bleed, my blood is starting to boil, and my flesh starting to decay.

Am I doomed forever because of the 2GB VRAM sin that commits me to hell and be forever deprived of being able to enter the high textures nirvana in the afterlife?