Will there be a fix for "Slide" abilities in 9.0?


I’ve been meaning to ask this for quite sometime now, when I say “Slide” abilities I am speaking of Slide Lava bomb, Slide rock throw, slide fissure, slide tongue grab. This happens when a monster player is on the edge of a cliff, slides off, and uses an ability at the same time, enabling the player to be mobile while using an ability that should be stationary.

This also breaks lava bomb because the lava shoots where the ability was first initiated. (The lava bomb will shoot from mid air, and comes unexpectedly.)

Ultimately it is an exploit because it is avoiding damage and bypassing the rules of the code.

Any news?

Something that's alway annoyed me when playing Behemoth

Btw no, any news but i assume it is pretty easy to get it fixed


Collision/physics bugs are usually the worst kind to try and fix though… Add some latency in there as a possible contributing factor… ugh. Can be hard to properly get rid of.

Also, the easiest fix would be to simply have it cancel the Lava Bomb/Rock Throw/etc ability entirely when you suddenly start falling. And that would be horrible.
So don’t give TRS any ideas.


It NEEDS to be fixed.


Well it shouldn’t be that hard, i mean for lava bomb in particular, just make the spawn point of the bomb update … instead of “spawn it where bob activated the skill” to “spawn it where bob is”


Or just make it so the ability doesn’t cast until you hit the ground.


Not really. Not when its such a minor issue and there are much more severe things to be done.


They’ve got 3 months.


If this is monster-based code (for example, Eating isn’t duplicated for each monster, since eating falls under game mechanics and not monster-specific) then this might not have a fix. If they do fix it, kraken might break since he’s in the air.

As for behemoth, it would take him a long time to climb to glitch his lava bombs, so he won’t be able to avoid much damage, only during his animations. But I assume that this is problematic when he’s already up a cliff then falls to chase hunters.


They’ve got more important issues.


Tagging @Insane_521 and @GentlemanSquirl to know if they have anything planned for this


They were prepared to release an update this month. I’m hoping that someone has an open area to work on a coding problem.


And how would you suggest this be fixed without causing major issues.


I’m not a programmer. I just know that exploits should be fixed friend.


That’s not a good argument. Provide a suggestion for how it can be fixed. If you cannot think of a viable way how could they? Especially when much more pressing issues are more important than a slight collision issue.


Look at it this way, I do not have the knowledge for this suggestion. I was asking if they had any thoughts, any progression, an idea, of how to solve this problem or if they had made one for the upcoming patch.

This is not a suggestion thread, but a question to the developers.

Do you guys have any plans for “slide” exploits.


An advice with love : Don’t think about the obligation

Don’t give yourself million reason before you initiate something … in life or anything else

Think of the opportunity

How do you know it will do a major issue ?

So don’t fix the small issue … sounds like a good plan :sunglasses:

I think the idea is great of slide abilities … this is an issue needs to be addressed


It’s annoying, yes. Game breaking? Not really. It can be advantageous to both Hunter and Monster side, and it’s completely random; unless you know how to replicate this issue.


I just told you how to… Never mind.

It can be replicated, and could you tell me an example where is this advantageous for hunters?