Will there be a beta


i wonder if the game will ever have a beta in the next 7 months or so. i would love just to try a demo or a beta during the waiting time.

To beta or not to beta?

I am sure everyone here would love to get their hands on the game and beta test it. I would say that it is possible, but it is doubtful that they will confirm a beta release at this time, opting instead to wait until said beta release. We will just have to wait and see, I am still hopeful however.


Yea, they literally just started marketing the game, so I doubt any beta news would surface for some time.


just remember that the game is out in 7 months from now or so. it’s not in such a long time


Yea, but you have to think about it strategically as well. Consider the GI announce in January, this first hands-on beat in February, their planned activity at PAX East, & then E3,… then line that up against the competitive set, when they’re releasing, etc.

Try to envision what they are going to be pushing, when, & why. I’d assume if there were one, it would be late summer / early autumn. That said, hope I’m 100% wrong and an Alpha test takes place in the more near-future :stuck_out_tongue:


I was hoping for a beta as well. Release is nearer than most game marketing announcements, so beta would be within the next 4 - 6 months. We’ll see.


Yes a Beta would be definitely nice to see, especially on all platforms! :smiley:


I’m definitely keeping my ear to the ground for any hint of early testing. Heck- mail be an old school NDA and I’d be happy to do any sort of development testing too.


No news to share about a Beta at this time. But you know this would be a great place to hear about it if and when the time comes ;).


thats good to know haha :smiley:


It would be a great place to hear about it would it :wink:.


Having a beta would be lovely, so I’m going to keep an eye out here.


Welcome to the forum @Donut_McPastry!


Thanks JD, Its good to be here :slight_smile:


its been in development for 3 yrs so far according to what one the the devs said in an interview on Rev3 games, this is a good thing imo. I hope there is a beta maybe 3-4 months from release…


If there going to be a Beta, i hope i be invited to the Beta so we can make sure this game comming out nice and smooth :wink:


i only want the same :3<3 invite us to test the game :3 so we can help you in anyway u want :3


Would love to play a beta. I’d even cover it! Let’s do it. :smile:


Yup :3 but i think no talking about beta yet X3


Would love to try beta, but I’m not expecting one.