Will the Ninja Turtles movie suck?


I’m sure the answers here will be yes across the board but I’m just curious if anyone has any hope in the movie turning out good. I’m hoping. I grew up on the turtles and a big budget live action movie would have been a dream for me. Then Michael Bay’s name got attached to it… I’m still hoping though…


Wait so Michael Bay isnt the great director of our time??

I think it will be good. as long as they allow the shredder to move quickly and ninja like. he looked a little roboty in the trailer. and i think they are treating him like a robot even though shredder has alot of character haha.


I like your enthusiasm:). Shredder definitely looks cool from what they’ve shown us so far. I’ll give them that.


I know nothing of the new movie, but I don’t like it because the turtles look weird. :slight_smile: I really think that will ruin the movie for me, as I have this nostalgic remembrance of TMNT as I was growing up and anything that doesn’t fit into that will be odd and distracting.


i no everyone is hating on the fact that the turtles look very different. the faces mostly haha. my only complaint is that every “first” ninja turtle movie is sorta the same storyline. shredder comes and owns. Master says if you work together you can beat him. then they win. They have way better storylines to follow. like raph’s Solo rampage or Donetello becoming the “one”


The fact that Megan Fox is April O’Neil fills me with much disdain. Though it might be a good popcorn movie? If I can get across how freakishly creepy the turtles look that is.


I couldn’t agree more!


I am a die hard turtles fan. I owned all the action figures as a kid, all the old movies, I have all the cartoons on box set dvd and I even watch some of the new stuff. I will see the new movie sure… But I don’t have my hopes up.

I’m not one of those people that are like “if they ruin this it will ruin my childhood…” That is not true. The turtles will always be the cartoons for me. And those are adaptations from the comics which are pretty different. I’m sure comic readers hated the cartoons.

I’m sure it will be a disappointment, but I’m not gonna get all bent out of shape over it.


Old puppetry ones are very impressive still and for their time. CGI isn’t always the answer for everything.


I’m a TMNT superfan, and I’m excited for the new movie even though I know it won’t be akin to the original films. The 80’s and 90’s will always have a classic place in my heart that nobody could ever touch, regardless of if the new movie is good or bad. I DO enjoy a more ADULT movie, FINALLY! We at long last get something for the adults and not just the kids. It’ll be far more gritty and realistic than we’ve ever seen outside the comics…and that’ll be good. The comics were dark. Maybe we’ll really see weapons doing harm in this movie…with real ninja moves. I’m excited to see a more real, matured take. The original first movie is, arguably, the best we’ve ever had, and it had a hard fight to get to audiences of it’s day. Backers of the film actually didn’t like it’s tone. Parents complained it was too violent which is why the second film was far lighter. But that movie rocked the box office! Those who loved the turtles LOVED the first film even if it didn’t stick to the cartoons silliness but rode more on the back of the comics. People wanted to see the turtles in the gritty reality the comics put them in and that’s why the first film did so well and why it’s still the best.

As for how the turtles look…I’m ok with it. Nostrils don’t bother me. I’d have liked a more comic-accurate look but it’s ok…could’ve been worse! Maybe they should’ve looked more turtle-like than human, I dunno. I’m happy to see 3 fingers and 2 toes, but not happy to see Don wear glasses (but at least no gap tooth like in the Nick series). Nobody is gonna be 100% happy but overall it’s decent, if a bit over-buffed. I also think they look more like adults than teenagers…that trailer where you see a “little” turtle training with Splinter…THAT’s the teenager they SHOULD have looked like, not these beefy hulksters that can’t fit into a car, so I’m a bit bummed on that point. I do like seeing Splinter looking like a REAL rat though and Shredder’s costume is totally awesome. The guy who will be acting for Shredder is good even if the one doing April is iffy.

Time will tell but it’ll be a CGI spectacle no matter what, and I always am a sucker for eye-candy. I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and was totally blown away at just how REAL all of the apes were. They were awesome in the first movie but in the second…just, WOW. We are literally at a point in time now where you can’t tell the difference and there are few, if any, markers that indicate the apes were CGI in movement and/or appearance other than you knowing that fact beforehand. (Sidenote…Andy Sirkis needs an Oscar already!) The turtles look a bit more human than I’d like but it should translate well to their facial emotions. I am really hoping this movie will be good (I know it won’t be Batman-good so I won’t expect that of course) and am constantly sad to see so many put it down just because it’s different looking. To be fair many of those folks though are still miffed about the treatment to Transformers. BUT there really COULD be a good movie here. I want to remain positive, but also want to withhold judgement until I see the thing. So many are so riled up already they won’t like it no matter what! I admit though, I love TMNT more than any franchise out there, so I am already biased. If the movie sucks, it’ll just be, to me, like the third TMNT movie, or the Next Mutation series…forgotten and scratched off my memorable TMNT existence list. I want to see them treated like the brothers we know and love, and not abused for a quick box office buck.


This is an easy thread to participate in. The answer is yes, yes it will suck


ahhh one day. the dark story that is teen titans will come to the big screen. and i will be sooo happy. and not that teen titans go crap that is on tv today. the original teen titans. that was amazing


Maybe if DC and WB pulls their collective heads out of their asses and gets a gameplan going, we might. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Teen Titans with Trigon as the main bad.


I love TMNT just like alot of other people here, having grown up on the cartoon, toys, and awesome hostess TMNT edible pies!

That being said, I will definitely see the movie however I think it won’t be the same as the old ones with the animatronics and live action. It’s likely because for those of us who were brought up on TMNT, that’s what we remember so anything else will be poodoo.

Will it suck? I’m not so sure about that…A new TMNT movie will be awesome regardless, but will it compare against the old ones? Hardly I am sure. I know I’ll likely be disappointed in this one but going in it with that mentality means I won’t be let down and will be impressed if it shows better than I thought it would.



You are definitely a Turtles fan!! That’s awesome, though. I think I agree with pretty much everything you said.

I know a lot of people don’t like how they look, but I do. I think they look pretty awesome actually. They’re a little too big though but no biggie. I’ve bought the toys :slight_smile:


In my opinion, yes. I have never been a fan of Michael Bay films.


Well, he’s not actually directing this, so that may help.


Here here @MisterTreeFee I hate the Transformers movies… All FX with no meat behind it. Maybe TNMT will redeem him in my eyes.


I’m not entirely sure myself, I’ve never been a fan on TMNT, I mean don’t take that the wrong way because the old films were great at best although very cheesy. And speaking of which, I personally think Shredder here literally DOES look like a giant cheese grater and/or swiss army knife. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might end up giving it a rental though, see how well it does first!

As for the Transformers movies, I did enjoy number 3. But I saw Age of Extinction a few weeks back and my goodness it was one of the most goofiest films I have ever seen!



Yeah , I heard the new Transformers movie was pretty rough. I saved my money.