Will The Next Hunters Be Free!


Torvald, Crow, Slim and Sunny are free for people who have the Hunting Pass but for the people that don’t have it have to pay over £20 for all of them. So will the next Hunters be FREE for everyone!?


Why would they be free for non season pass holders? ( just curious as to why you thought this😁) They will most likely be the same price as the previous hunters, with a hunter season pass for a discount.


There is no such thing as a season pass in this game. So everyone is a non-season pass holder.

“How about the hunting season pass?”. That is a pass, for the hunting season and only includes the 4th set of hunters. No new ones will be added.
I agree that it has been horribly misnamed (on purpose for sales? I don’t know). But it’s definitely not a season pass. Season passes include all DLC from a certain “season” or period of time. The fact that this pass does not include Behemoth, released at the same time as the hunters, proves it’s not a season pass.


“Season Pass” is a name from like theme parks, water parks, golf courses and things like that where you pay one lower price and you are free to enter for the entire Summer, or whatever length of time they are open in season. DLC for video games borrowed this name to mean something similar - it’s virtually always meant as paying one reduced price to have access to all major DLC to be released (season doesn’t matter, it’s just flavor).

The “Hunting Season Pass” was named for two things - the obvious, a joke, a play on the terms hunting season & season pass, but also as an exploitative marketing tactic to name it similar to content for other games that would include far more for the value. Technically there’s no DLC Season Pass for Evolve at all. It doesn’t even unlock all of the DLC Hunters, just Tier 4, so the name is really more a tasteless ploy than it is humorous. It shows how far off the rails the pricing model for Evolve is that there’s no value-priced DLC pack including both T4 & Behemoth.

On PS4 I paid the 15$ for Behemoth, but the Savage Goliath skin is “Unavailable” because I don’t have the “Monster Expansion Pack” - except Behemoth is the Monster Expansion Pack, but it’s only sold as a single character. So apparently you only got Behemoth as part of the Monster Expansion Pack if you pre-ordered the game (like I did on PC), while actually paying full price for the DLC does not include the skin. This is how crazy the pricing model is.


there not going to be free