Will the new Medic be revealed this week?


I’m pretty excited for our new robot medic but will he be revealed this week on the stream because of all the teasers and from what Shane said? EDIT: thanks turwraith I didn’t think about that


It’s Thanksgiving, I’m pretty sure there’s no stream at all tomorrow.


Why does everyone say his name is EMET? There’s no actual confirmation that it’s EMET, nor that the Support’s name is Kala.


Because Kala and her telekinetic glove are ready, and she received a message informing her that the situation was critical before instructing her to bring E.M.E.T.


… Uh… What?


What the Rap said.




Theres a hidden code within the ending of evolve- It links to a webpage-


This webpage is a fake “real” website, talking about the colonization of shear.

Within the comments (which are now removed to my knowledge, but were there for awhile initially), posted minutes after the site went live- Was a comment made by someone by the name of Kala, stating she (well, “me”) and my telekinetic glove are ready. Were assuming this is the support because of her silhouettes emphasis on that creepy glove. Black aegis then had a steam later which let a teaser sneak through, showing that kala had received a message stating the situation was critical, and she needed to bring E.M.E.T.

We know (well, STRONGLY assume, based on the current teasers going around, primarily the robot faces people are using as their profile badges right now) the next medic is a robot, and “E.M.E.T” is a pretty robotic name.

Tada. Illuminati confirmed.

@Major_Warrior Tagging you too since you asked as well.

Credit where it is due- TRS has become masters at hyping/teasing/suggesting/hinting.



I thought we all were in agreeance that Kala and her glove were fake?..


News to me if true. Any references?



Just no.


Grabs News Paper

Reads it



Well, there’s the fact that they used completely incorrect grammar, the fact that it was barely posted five minutes before @skills4u2envy shared the comment, and the fact that anyone can comment down there.


I think the Rap claims shenanigans.


This might be silly- But how is that evidence for OR against anything?

What about in the testimonial section? Can anyone post there? Because theres a testimonial from kala as well.

What bout the streamed teaser (which was also sadly quickly removed) “Kala, the situation is critical. Bring E.M.E.T”?


I know there’s a testimonial from an individual named Kala. However, someone could have easily read that and posted a comment acting like it was real.

I have no idea about the teaser. Could’ve been fake. We never know.

Read the grammar used in the testimonial. Read the comment. Why would Matthew do something like that? I mean… He’s Matthew. C’mon.


What if everyone is all wrong and the robot faces are for shits and giggles and “E.M.E.T.” is actually pronounced “Emmet” so we all look like jackasses for thinking it is a robot?


6 months… I’m telling you 6 months…


Exactly, Because he IS matthew- thats why lol

“Characters” are just that- Characters. If it was him (matthew), would it be hard to believe he was typing a comment IN character? If hyde had made a testimonal, would you expect proper 101 english? Heck no. Maybe this is an example of HOW that character talks.

This is why i dont feel improper grammar is evidence for, OR against much of anything.


The whole Kala and TK glove thing was fake, it was a forumer trolling as far as I am aware.