Will the new maps still come to PS4 and PC a month late?

Just me asking. I don’t mind either way. I can wait

I hope not… why would they???

Edit: v He is right you know…

@LadieAuPair confirmed it will be coming to all platforms at the same time.

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Well in that case SHUT IT DOOOWN


Ok and whats with that deal they were having with MS? Was that only for the 1st 2 maps??

Not quite sure about all the details.

Think MS deal only ran to end of first tournament as they ‘sponsored it’.

But as above. Was confirmed on live stream new maps releasing on all platforms. For everyone, same time.

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That’s indeed some very good news!!

When is the release date of the new maps?

Well if you ask me I’m expecting the 30th or 31st since that was when last time

So … Do you want me to close it? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can keep the discussion in the main thread :smile: