Will the new hunters be adaptations?


@GentlemanSquirl Read through the new patch notes and saw that theres been work on a new adaptation hunter (electro Griffin) and that got me thinking, I know it was confirmed theres plans to add another batch of hunters, but will these all be another set of adaptations or will any of these be brand new hunter concepts? I see in the patch notes it lists that work has been done on an unannounced medic, assault, and another medic but that doesn’t really confirm whether or not those are adaptations or not.

I really love adaptations, but at the end of the day nothing is cooler then brand new hunters and monsters


This is correct


To be quite specific, the line up is CURRENTLY looking like Electro Griffin, Q Caira, Renegade Abe, and P Parnell.


Here’s hoping for a Cryo Hyde:

Liquid Nitro Pump: Doesn’t do much damage, but freezes the monster’s skin granting a short damage buff to other weapons.

Rad Grenades: Explode radioactive shards doing dot damage that stick to targets

Burst Gun: Very High rate of fire Minigun with a need to cooldown between bursts.


Everyone’s assuming it’ll be him with his standard Chemsprayer, but your idea IS very cool!


I thought the next set of adaptations was T2? Why one T2 and the rest T3? I was looking forward to what Bucket, Hyde and Laz would be like.


Well, as far as we know, this is how they’ll do it. I have no idea if they’ll do it in that order, nor does anyone else. However, they have ONLY released the silhouettes of these for hunters, and Robo Griff and Renegabe have been leaked. I honestly don’t think they’re doing them in any order now that they technically aren’t in tiers.


Griffin wasn’t leaked. Renegabe however was.


RoboGriff showed up accidentally in a stream is what I heard. Evidently my sources were wrong, lol.


E Griffin is visible in the “Daily Sign-In” rewards as Day 25 so he’s not leaked. He’s visible to everyone.


:abe:Hehehehehehehehe :abe:


Oh, okay. I guess I didn’t know that because I’m not a member of the glorious PC master race


#You are forgiven child.


Where does it say that in the patch notes?


I’m honestly dissapointed they didn’t call the Abe variant RenegAbe but maybe I enjoy bad wordplay too much.