Will the game have Time-limit or


will the game have time-limits or more like unlimited time to the objectives are done?
i hope it will not be time-limits in the game, maybe in some gamemodes like “Hide and seek” or people can put time limits in their game (Custom Games). :smile:


i also hope no time limits are made because one way or another u will win the match. :slight_smile:


The game employs various mechanisms to force conflict to a convergence point. We’re actually still not 100% decided on what those boundaries will be, so I don’t want to promise anything here. But it’s a pretty important part to gameplay experience :).


Here’s a suggestion: the longer the match goes on, the more burned down/collapsed-y/destroyed the place becomes? e.g. The forest slowly clears out, or the cave starts to collapse a little bit, revealing more light and lines of sight, or the massive mega-facility that you’re playing in starts to get stuff exploding in it, again revealing more lines of sight? Something along those lines might be cool. “Procedural Environmental Destruction”, I’ll say.


I actually think that’d be cool ManOfRet Totally would make you want find and kill quicker because the more line of sight the bigger chance you might die…nowhere to hide


Could just have the game start at 00:00 and have it progress towards dawn, It looks like the game would be much easier for the hunters if it was day time. Also the Cry Engine handles god rays tastefully


agreed in my opinion this sounds better too :)!


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