Will the fps drop be fixed?



Will TRS fix the fps drop problem and opitmize the game for pc? because 20 fps out of combat and 12 fps in combat is pretty annoying, am a little lazy to put my specs but my card is AMD Radeon 7650m
As i m sure my pc and other people’s PCs can run this game smoothly


That graphics card isn’t very good my friend. Evolve is a very heavy load game, and your graphics card probably can’t handle the pressure.

Have you played the game before smoothly? With what FPS?


We are working on figuring out why this is happening for some players! A lot are talking about how the optimizations made it run like better on their PCs (mine included) but there are definitely some people with issues and it’s NOT the experience we want to give players.

Hopefully I’ll have an update soon.


Also just to add, one of our goals moving forward is to reduce the minimum requirements for the game for all players. It looks like we have a few small isolated cases of issues with specific hardware which will hopefully be patch in the coming weeks. But outside that if your running borderline hardware we are also in an ongoing battle to reduce the overall minimum requirements for everyone. So hopefully in the coming months everyone will see benefits in frame rate as we continue to make improvements.


Ill add to this thread; I have i5, R9 280xt. I used to get around 60-90 fps with (from up to down) high-high-med-low-low 2-4xAA with 1080p resolution. I get around 40-70 with 1080p low-low-low-low-low noxAA. The setting do not significantly alter the fps. Maybe is AMD problem, no idea.

Hopefully this helps. Having said this, its looks really nice even with the lowest settings :slight_smile: