Will the Evolve Beta be on PC?


I played roughly 40-50 hours between the two previous alphas so there is little doubt that I’ve been sold on the game. One thing my friends and I really wanted to do during these previous alphas was custom games. I read that the beta would include custom games. I would love to get more practice in with custom games during the beta if it is coming to PC. If it isn’t coming to PC then consider this a petition to get it on PC.


So far only a beta for the Xbox has been confirmed


I heartily agree with requesting a PC beta :slight_smile:

Actually now I’m curious about the breakdown of how many users per platform took part in the big alpha; what % xbox vs pc. Anyone know where that info is posted?


I don’t think it has been posted in the forums anywhere yet, but if it does it will most likely be in the Telemetry and Game-balance thread.
Outside of the forums, I’m not sure what sites would get that data and publish it, (except for the Evolve website), but I’d imagine that any news on different websites will have links and data posted here by other forum users, either in a new topic or in the one I mentioned before


Would love a PC beta, as long as it doesnt mean less content goes into the game and it has more bugs. Would prefer w more balanced\bug free game at releases even if it meant going another 3 months without evolve


If I see another opportunity to play Evolve on PC before Feb 10th, I will be making a very happy face.


i believe the devs have said “only X1 will be taking part in the beta in January before the release

I’m slightly paraphrasing, and I’m also too lazy to find them and quote them… but that’s what I’ve been told.


Taking part in the open beta. We could always see a closed one. I’m hoping that’s why there’s been so much emphasis on the XB1 beta being open


hey I’m hoping too, it’s just unless they push back the game again


I don’t think there’s enough time.

We can always dream about it though : )


I’d imagine them wanting to test the game more on PC since they’re different and therefore would have more problems to solve, crashes, graphical issues etc.


If there’s someone who deserves another alpha that’s the ps4 community because the alpha was barely playable there.


As much as I"m hoping for a Beta on PC, I still am upset with TRS/2K for doing a deal with Microsoft for exclusive content /service towards 1 particular group of its community. Ultimately, you’re going to upset a larger portion of the fan base by blatantly showing them that you value 1 group more than the other.

Even if PC gets beta, I’d then feel bad for the PS4 players. We’re supposed to be a community, everyone united under the game and studio. But an act like this… I cannot think of any justification for it. I’ll give Microsoft some credit, they are one of the most aggressive companies who actively push for benefits/perks on their own platforms (well, they own Windows, but they don’t do a damn thing for the PC community)

I don’t know. CDPR, the developers of The Witcher 3, a studio I have infinite love for, made a statement a while back that they would never segregated content between their playerbase. Not too long ago, Microsoft got in a deal with them where people would get unique physical items if you bought the XB1 version of the game. CDPR then came out to say that they mean that the digital content would never be segregated. But still, it’s hard as a consumer to not feel like you’re devalued when something like this happens.


I would have probably bought an Xbox 1 if I could I own a 360 but its just too expensive for me as I currently don’t work and with consoles you don’t find as many differences between them so there’s not as great a need for mass testing like a beta. Microsoft are just cutting out any fun the others could get from it and its not going to translate into sales for them which is what they want its a ludicrous idea and I’m kinda angry about it.


Nah, I’m sure if PC gets a closed Beta, so will PS4 and probably even XBox. I’m sure TRS would blanket all 3 communities with the game at the same time (barring any weirdness like last Alpha). I’m kinda hoping they release a beta under the title of 3rd Alpha…hey, they can play the politics word games too.


All alphas are over! No more alphas people!


Slabomeat hinted that we will probaby get a chance to play again before release in the ps4 alpha thread


That’s why we’re talking about Betas! lol


No but someone mentione he wanted another alpha… again x)


i thought the beta was “exclusive”, The PC alpha was to stress test the servers, but I only seaw 32000 max players connected on steamdb, or is that misleading ?

What if this game will have 100k players at launch lol :).


While I totally understand your sentiment, I am sure you agree its better than if PS4 or PC did not get Evolve all together. Remember that L4D did not come out for PS3. We are seeing less and less platform exclusives, so they make up for this by having content and/or timed exclusives. Its silly but they are battling for that edge. The victims are the consumers. However, the irony is that you probably piss off more people by excluding them of certain content, than if you just excluded them all together from the game.