Will the end of game summary return?, also please add group options!


I loved this feature to see where the monster and hunters went at the end of a match. Please bring this back!

Also, please give us the ability to group on the post game summary with any pugs we want to group with. Right now it automaticlaly drops all people without giving any kinds of group option or way of seeing who you just played with.

Absolutely loving the return to Evolve! one of my favorite games of all time!


Good question and suggestion! The devs are paying close attention to what people want so if you think of anything else, let them know!


Glad you’re loving it!
I’ve seen a post somewhere about how the Devs are monitoring how people respond to the re-queing after a match. I’ve seen a lot of posts abou thow people want to stick with players lately.

EDIT: Found it!

So we’ll see how it goes! It’s possible that may change :slight_smile:


it would be nice to add a 10 second delay so you can group with a team you like, or player you like.

Either way, itd also be really nice to let us see our post game summary while we search for the next match a least…



I would like to bump this as I agree. Having that little map at the end of the came to recap the map was nice to see.