Will the daily/event skins (like bucket nighthunter or valkyrie laz) ever be available for coins?


Currently I’m missing two skins - valkyrie lazarus (hunter skin) and bucket nighthunter (from last deepest dark challenge). The former was available from the daily rewards in july (23rd I guess), and obviously some people couldn’t get it. Also we all know the story about the bucket’s skin, and how it was impossible to get 66k games in coop last weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

So the question is, will those skins - and maybe other “event-based” (for people who just started playing and couldn’t get them) - be available in the store anytime soon?

Take care!


Eventually. They were before and I owned Bucket NightHunter long before the challenge (never bought Laz Valk because it looks trash IMO) and they’re gradually reintroducing skins back in, so yeah, eventually. :smiley: