Will Sunny be allowed in tournaments this sunday?


Because now that her “main” issue, her damage, is been nerfed she’s totally “balanced” right?
I really hope she will be played next tournament! I can’t wait to see how pro players use her, because she requires a lot of skill to play, you have to place that auto-target godlike shield drone on top of highground where it can see everyone etc. You have to point the orangy beam at people that are going to be attacked etc. I mean like god, she’s so hard to play and not easy mode at all, that I’d love to see some pro people play her!


She should be allowed… She’s not OP, people just complain.


dont think so


I don’t think the OP was being serious at all. This thread is a thinly veiled attempt at satire.


But the totally hard mode auto target shield can not move and the orange beam thingy has quite a long cool down. It is like saying “Hank is so hard, all you have to do is point the blue beam thingy at them so they don’t take damage and put the marker on the monsters head to apply tonnes of damage.”

I see no reason she should not be allowed. The only problem I had was Sunny being able to shield and damage at the same time. Doing both is fine, as long as you don’t do it as well as someone who specialises in one of those fields ( hank for shields and any assault for damage ). Now they have nerfed the damage to put it in its place, Sunny seems she is getting balanced or at least closer to it.


For ESL, at least on xbox, there is a 2 week grace period until you can play DLC.


She should be allowed, during the Chappie challenge Wraith was allowed to run absolutely wild while she was unbalanced pre-patch.
I personally found that very annoying but it happened none the less.


It’s going to be all Kraken spam. Might as well as they probably won’t stand a chance anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

@Burlyhayd Wraith wasn’t OP just unhealthy to play against. Wraith is still unhealthy, but weaker.


I suspect she will be allowed… She’s part of the game.

I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing combo’s hunters come up with. I expect to see…
Caira+Sunny=Move the whole team to apply pressure so monsters can’t evolve
Sunny+Torvald= Still the Bonnie&Clyde of Shear, killing everything in their path.
Bucket+Torvald/Lazerous/Val= All those turrets… shooting at a garden of extra damage.

I suspect we’ll see a lot of monsters actually. Behemoth with it’s recent buffs is more viable than it once was… Kraken is of course still in a strong place. And Wraith… is just as wraithy as ever. But mostly, I think it will be Behemoth… it’s the new pre-1.3 wraith epic traversal monster that can’t be caught.


right its gonne be kraken only so noreason to pick sunny anyway.

i dont think that we are gonne see behemoth yet.

not enought time to get good at it yet


People that took the time to learn it before are doing even better now! So long as they weren’t over-dependant on the roll+heavy attack.

I really want to see some griffin on behemoth action. Ride that boulder!


Griffin is actually amazing against Behemoth. Behemoth has a slow attack, and you can punish him hard if you cancel the poon when he is turning to break it.


It’s super punishing. It costs more energy to go into ball form after the heavy attack balance. but he has to break out of it to break the harpoon. You can drain a behemoth pretty good and deny him escape… if he’s trying to escape.