Will skins that are for sale ever be put up for grabs in a weekend event?


Will the skins in the store ever be a prize for a weekend event?



Short explanation: do to set up with first party stores things will either for sale items or free challenge items. Not both

Redo challenges

Follow up. Will Skins featured in Community Tournaments come back in either Weekend Event or Tournament form?


They can, although I don’t think there plans set for that right now.


There should be. I really want that moo cow goliath.


I want that neptune kraken :heart_eyes:


I posted this to another topic, but it fits into this discussion to… Personally I think the idea of exclusive skins is stupid, especially from a business stand point… If people will happily pay, then TRS & 2k should let them “AND TAKE OUR MONEY”… That’s not saying the opportunity to get them for nothing should be changed from the challenges an tourneys, there a lot of fun… I’m saying if you missed out on the freebie event, then buying should be a option (TAKE OUR MONEY)… I’ve never played against Somenody with a unique skin in this game and though “props to you” or gave them anymore “respect”… I like the Arctic weapon skins from the App game, was not a huge fane of the game itself, needless to say I want those skins! There cash to be had here, and I believe it mostly is going to balance changes, and game updates and any new content… Taurus, Neptune, arctics, predator, union jacks & infinitys… All and any community gained skins, I say props to those who earned them, but just (TAKE OUR MONEY PLS) if we don’t… Win win for everyone


Team Tom & the Meat Beaters (formerly Free Agent #1) almost rallied to get the Neptune Skin yesterday, but we got Krakerino’d…


Taurus skin was in shop for I think 1 day before it got taken down and put up as a competition skin, I didn’t like it enough to buy it… so yeah it has been in shop before. I tend to check the shop every week for cute skins, its an addiction. I really want a crow and sunny skin to pop up. ;-; Man Eater crow would be amazing. PINK GOBI!!!


I hope they put Taurus back in the shop, and they add Neptune Kraken.


I would love if they made a calypso and neptune skin for wraith. <3


We’re still waiting to see what happens to the Orca and Harvest skins. I hope they become either DLC or challenge skins.


I think I heard something about Orca being a skin for a tourney. Don’t quote me on that though.

I want orca Goliath.


ohhh harvest skin, which monster is that one for, i has not heard of these things.


Harvest skin is for Wraith.


I hope Orca Wraith doesn’t become a tourney skin. I hate the idea of tourney exclusive skins.

An Orca Goliath would look cool.


Don’t you guys dare. Mooh Goliath skin is mine.

I won it fair and square by losing against 'Muricans in the tourney.


Personally, I’d hate to see purchaseable skins get given away in challenges. I gave in and purchased some overpriced skins and it would annoy me, to say the least, to see them given out for free.