Will Rock Wall finally get fixed in 9.0?


I know rock wall is being changed. I hope the holes and gaps are finally being fixed for this update. It doesn’t feel like fixing Rock Wall is very high on the ‘to do’ list since it still has problems nearly one year later. What I don’t understand is that Domes work flawlessly every time and Rockwall is riddled with bugs and holes yet they use the same mechanic. Temporary barriers. If domes were spawning holes that Monsters could get through and escape that crap would be fixed ASAP. But since its only Behemoth one year later its still not fixed.


Well, there’s a thread ongoing right now, but here’s some of his updated stuff. Like 11 days old, though, so any questions you have should be answered somewhere in the following comments. There’s a lot of info here, as well, so I recommend reading.

If you think that them fixing Behemoth wasn’t high in the list of priorities, then you haven’t been paying much attention. They’ve been trying, but with the wall being physics-based, it’s tough to just throw a fix on it and call it a day. They likely had to completely rework almost everything about it.

Also, Domes and Rock Wall do not work on the same mechanics. They’re very different things and function differently. They also serve different purposes with the dome forcing fights and Rock Wall protecting Bob from damage.


Rock wall and domes serve different purposes but are the same thing, temporary barriers. One works, the other doesn’t.


I love how monster biased this comment is.

Not attempting to use an insult, its just that I have never heard a monster biased comment insulting coding on hunters

Which also, btw happens lol


No, they really aren’t the same thing. One is a solid object, while the other is not.

The Wall is a physics-based surface that is also climbable and has the properties of parts of the environment, but cannot be passed through. It’s a fully-solid barrier from both sides.

A Mobile Arena is a barrier without any properties whatsoever other than color and being solid. It does not interact in any way other than keeping stuff inside, while it allows foreign bodies to enter freely.

There is absolutely nothing comparable about these two things.

In no way do they function on the same principles, nor are their mechanics similar in any way, shape, or form.


Anyways from what I could see it looks like they have fixed it. The snapshots had no holes in the wall despite intersecting stuff.


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