Will quitters be punished in any way?


I know in beta there was 1 minutes cooldown if you left mid-game but that hardly does justice. There will be people who insta-leave if they don’t get the role they want. Is there any word on how/if they will be dealt with somehow? Do you guys think they should be punished?


Supposedly the wait will be longer. They said the timer in the builds so far was a place holder. No idea on what it will be though. They will also get an auto lose on their record.


If the matchmaking follow up, leavers will not be a problem


Lifetime ban and their computer/console gets trashed by an angry dwarf.

Although really I think a five minute ban from multiplayer is accurate, but if they do it in a row it’ll increase by 5 each time. That’ll get 'em to stop and just play the game.


can you actually rejoin a game? in case your game crashes, are you able to rejoin? will someone else take your spot in an instant?


The thing is, very few people actually join a game in progress, unless it’s in the very early stages. This is somewhat understandable, but still a bummer when you see like 5 different " X has connected " … " X has disconnected " messages within a span of a few minutes.


Your ‘spot’ is held for a few minutes. Not sure on the time. So if you DC you should be able to get back in without an issue.


I think that if you join a match in progress you get a win if your team wins. If you lose, you don’t get a loss. MUCH more incentive to stick around if it doesn’t hurt your record.


If someone leaves within a minute I’m cool with that, sometimes you get the role/character you simply have no ability to use, but if you play nearly a whole game, then leave towards the end that kinda bums me out (be they my enemies or my allies)


Players should make an effort to be familiar with all roles. :relaxed:


Stuff happens, it would be nice if the wait timer was small the first time, but the more you leave in closer proximity the greater the wait becomes.
Though I disagree with the above, people leaving because they don’t want to play a certain role is fine, they are there to have fun and they might not have fun or as much fun playing something they played like 10 games before that and don’t want to this time, or maybe they don’t like the more nerve wracking monster gameplay and wanted literally any hunter role.

You can’t force people to play just because it is more convenient for you, that just isn’t the way to go about it.


It’s a game and games are intended to be fun. I could see someone who absolutely hates a certain role (say Medic, for instance) who has that set on their #5 because they can’t disable the Medic option, that then chooses not to play for 10-30 minutes as the class that they can’t stand. It’s better to let them jump out rather than have them get frustrated and eventually leave the game completely.

I think the main concern people have is the ones who play most of a game, realize they are losing the match, and jumping out to try and avoid the loss for their win ratio. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, as I fail to see how the Leaderboards are of any value if people inflate their wins that way, but to some people that ratio is all that matters, and I think putting such actions into an automatic loss is appropriate.

As for any other punishments, that I have no clue how they are handling it.


Do you get a quit penalty if you quit a game that you’ve joined that was in progress?
Because sometimes it is really annoying to join the game as a monster that is at stage 1 and have less than half HP left… and trapped in a dome with hunters shooting at you.


I don’t know but one would think that wouldn’t count as a loss since you joined so late.


Another possible punishment could be half less EXP earned for the next match that you start, left the next, well now you have to make up 2 matches and the max that it could stack up to is just 3.


What happens at lvl 40 though?


Also what if you have to go for something really important, so you are punished the next time you play for it. At least with waiting time if you really HAVE to go the punishment doesn’t ruin your next play session.


How do you get back into the game, though? Connect off of them through the Steam overlay? I see that working with friends, but what if you want to rejoin a game with no people you know?


Losses shouldn’t be counted for games matchmaking put you in more than halfway…or like 10 minutes through. This is fair, since you can’t control where matchmaking throws you into. For example, you might get thrown into a monster with a build that you are terrible at (Happened to me once in the PC Beta; while evolving my monster actually bugged out, and I didn’t get as many skill points as I should’ve had. Still won, though, lol.).


Well then, you start going back Levels. Lol, oh ya forgot about that. There is still hunter and Monster xp tho and new ones are being announced. I did like the time one better, I was just mentioning some other punishment. It happens in the game Awesomenaunts.


That would create such a **** storm on the forums lol… you can’t be that strict, this isn’t league of legends, leaving doesn’t ruin everything for everyone for like 40 minutes. It’s a minor inconvenience for like 14 minutes.