Will progression be reset after the beta?


I started playing this game when it became free, and it’s great. I am wondering if all of my unlocks are going to be reset when the stage 2 beta ends? I have been pushing to get Lennox to rank 40 and I don’t want to lose all that progress.


Nope, there are no plans by the devs to reset progress. :slight_smile:


Good question. I was curious about this as well.


Was there a thread about this before or am I losing my mind?


I’m glad to hear this. I didn’t see any other posts about it when I searched.


No problem. Happy to help.


Thanks for telling me I am losing my mind :facepalm:


Well I didn’t search very hard.:sweat_smile:


It’s a shame you already lost your mind, there was another thread like this :sunglasses:



Quit it! :stuck_out_tongue: