Will previous alpha testers get to play?


Will previous alpha testers be invited to the big alpha or do we need a new code?


You still need a code. There is a big multi-use code but that has lower chances of getting in the alpha. Not much you can do. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Is there a source on this?


Here is the code from the stream. Go to Evolve.com/Alpha to submit the code. :slight_smile:


It’s true - it has been discussed quite a few times in the Big Alpha thread. Fortunately, there are some fresh multi-use codes there if you don’t have one yet. Check it out!

EDIT: @Bear_Stream is too fast for me!


Oh I used that big alpha code already lol. I was just hoping they’d bring back previous alpha testers automatically. I searched the forums but couldn’t find anything from turtlerock directly addressing this.


@TakranLeader Haha! I posted twice before you posted 1!
@newbtastic They wanted to give everyone a fair chance to get into the alpha. Then again, if this was the case. Their would be less competition for the codes. Spent 3 days trying to get a code. :frowning:


Yeah I understand. If I don’t get in the alpha it won’t be the end of the world and I’m happy other people will get to experience it. I’d just love to be able to see the changes between alphas. :slight_smile:


If your question has been answered, you don’t mind if I can go ahead and close this? Here’s hoping you do get in again though! :thumbsup:


Let’s not forget, this is 9999th topic regarding this.


Yep wonder when people forgot this forum has a search option lol.


I think it’s safe to say this can be locked. Being in the last alpha does not guarantee you a place in the next