Will pick rate influence balancing at all?


After seeing the incredibly skewed pick rates among most hunter classes, I’m wondering if TRS will nerf/buff based on pick rate at all?

Seems to me there is either something overbearing about Abe or something underwhelming about Val after seeing their pick rates.

Assault was split nicely overall I think but the other 3 classes looked like they were dominated by a single hunter. Just curious if TRS would consider that a problem at all?


I was fairly happy with the monster split though I expect Kraken to be picked more as people become more confident. Good to see Goliath staying up there with Wraith though.

EDIT: Pick rate graphic from Telemetry Thread.

EDIT 2: I should say that I’m not requesting these popular characters be nerfed, I’m curious as to what TRS thinks of the situation. Because I do think it’s an issue if, for example, any of the monsters rise to over 50% pick rates. That’ll make the game stale quickly, fighting the same monster over and over.


Where do I find the pick rates? Val might not be popular because she gets focused the most ( at least from my experience she does, I play medic a lot and mix it up often) possibly cause she’s the easiest to understand for novice monsters? Or maybe because she’s so dependent on hank


Added it to the original post.


I don’t even think Laz is that great, but people sure like him.


Val is a liability and easily killed when focused which means they need Hank. Her Medgun healing is rather slow for a single target heal, which is why Caira is favored for her bigger heals and aoe capability.

Bucket has a learning curve and a lengthy time to set up on his Sentry placement and there’s not always a guarantee you can get damage off because the Dome fights really depend on the terrain you trap the Monster in. Also the Missile Launcher has a terrible reload speed to put reliable pressure on the Monster, the Damage is still average for the low 4 round capacity and the missile projectile speed is a lot slower than I thought.

Maggie - Compared to the Alpha, Daisy is more reliable so her usefulness is at least at acceptable levels and provides a fallback for teams who lost the Monster. I think the reason for her low pick rate is her Harpoon Mines. They’re not bad, they’re not that great against Kraken unless you can fish him into the mines and they depend on how well the fighting space is in the Arena, wheras Abe and Griffin can provide CC at will with more consistent results across all Monsters which is why they’re picked more.

Assault I’m surprised it’s evenly spaced in this category, was expecting Hyde to be at the bottom but apparently not, still think he needs tweaking such as his toxic grenades and minigun.


Wait… other? Something fishy’s going on here…

#4th Medic being tested right now confirmed.


Yeah, i caught that too! GIVE ME !!!


I think they’ll balance around win rates. If people like Laz for some reason, even though he has a mediocre win rate, whatcha gonna do?


I hope they go the buff route instead of the nerf route. As others have said, people like Caira because she can heal more than Val and she can do it in an AoE. In my opinion, this means Val is behind the times with her slow single target healing, and her single shot sniper rifle takes too long to serve its purpose. Cabot, I’ll admit, seems really strong, but that is because he is a well designed Hunter with popular abilities.


Laz is the only one capable of doing work on stage three. @Twisted had a good set of possible explanations for that - I can dig up the posts in a sec

Cabot and Abe are the most active imo - no missing with barrage and main weapon. No time needed to set up traps/spikes. Just aim and run.