Will other monsters get jade skins

I was wondering about this and imagine a green Goliath

Unlikely, skins like the Jade are unique for Behemoth.

id rather would buy something like hyde would describe as "it can breath fucking green fire hell yeah!

would spent out for a green fuc**** firebreath melting fuc*** hyde faces ******* 10$!

You mean the Bog skins?

No jade skin the one behemoth bets

Sadly, I doubt it.

Behemoth doesn’t seem to get skins that the original trio have and they don’t seem to get his.

Yes but if you want green skins then go for the Bog skins.

As for your original question, the Behemoth gets his own rock based skins, that are unique to him.

As others have said, I’m pretty sure this:

…is supposed to be similar to this:


…and Behemoth will only have his own unique rock/gem-based skins. Jade Monsters would just be slightly darker Bog Monsters. Jade is a type of rock, which is why it’s fitting for Behemoth, like the Sandstone skin (which is still not available for PC afaik.)