Will not be buying


Just wanted to take the time to tell turtle rock how disappointed i am at the lack of split screen. Since my wife and i almost always game together, there is now no reason to buy your game. Such a shame. Sincerely , An EX-fan.


You probably won’t be buying many MP games in future. This is not a new trend.


Not really the developers fault that the hardware in consoles isn’t strong enough to do split-screen.


gonna have to agree with frontlinedelta on this, alot of the newer games are doing away with split screening but i do understand where your coming from back in my halo days i have to say it would not have been as fun without my friends there also playing


All that aside how would that work, can’t hide as the monster when they can just look at your screen…


Its just not possible on the new consoles… I wanted split-screen too (very much) but it can’t be done… The developers can’t really help the situation so I wouldn’t blame them… Most multiplayer games don’t have split screen anyways


Split screen is always welcome IMO, but if it can’t be done? Why bother complaining.


Why Don’t you get a second console then play locally,

Correct me if i’m wrong.


Probably because of money


Why are you complaining about Evolve not having a crappy function that could possibly ruin gameplay, on a forum FILLED with dedicated Evolve fans? Sounds like a cry for attention more than anything.


save up lol,

If it’s possible,
I know money is really tight these days.


Blame the consoles lack of power


Yeah, If buying a second console was that easy I’d have like 6 with my siblings/cousins/friends sleeping over everyday :smile:


Yea, I remember devs saying that split screen cannot be done because consoles don’t really have the performance to render the game twice.


If you and your wife always game together, you are gonna need a second console because most MP games now and less in the future are going to use splitscreen.
Except maybe…Nintendo…but Nintendo doesn’t have to compete with graphics. If they made splitscreen for Evolve, but greatly reduced it’s visual appeal, far more people would rage at them for that, than they would for lack of Splitscreen.


Account created 26 minutes ago. Post made 18 minutes ago. You’re either having a laugh or you think that one man complaining about split screen will change their minds.


A good example of this “Graphic downgrade” in split screen was in Halo Reach,
Just little stuff,
Like the lighting,
If you know of that Easter egg dance party on the “New Alexandria” level (if you haven’t, check it out so you know what i’m talking about)
The lighting played a big factor during that Easter egg,
When i played with a Buddy,
The party might as well had a power outage lol,
that’s just one example from that game,
some of the Armor you earn doesn’t even show during co-op which was very annoying considering i didn’t have X-Box live at the time so we were earning all out armor bits offline which was slow and wasn’t even worth it most the time sense you can’t even see it lol.


I know that split screen is cool and all, but who else besides Nintendo and games which have supported this mode in the past (Halo/CoD is an example) actually has split screen as a feature? Hate to say it, but you’re in the minority where most of the gaming market doesn’t see split screen support as a viable option.

Honestly, if I were you @Judah_Bucy, if you’re actually sour about this uncontrollable element, I’d take this as a sign to start saving up for something like another console or even getting two affordable gaming rigs. I also have to agree with @Warpathchris . Your credibility for being a fan is questionable considering this is your only post.

But it is what it is. Like all one hit wonders this post shall fall into the darkest recesses of the forums and shall not be missed.


This is a lame reason not to get a game, but to each his own.


having evolve as a split screen could be very detremental to the game itself and to the hunting aspect though i can understand if you wanted to game with the wife but to be honest while i was playing in the beta and the alpha i had people at my house just watching me and calling stuff out and when i asked if they wanted to take turns they replied the same way everytime…“ide rather watch you play and call stuff out for you” now this isnt the same for everyone but couldnt you just take turns instead of casting Evolve into the darkness?