WIll my PC handle this game on high witohut going under 60fps?


i5 4690k
r9 290
8GB ram

If it doesnt , then F U to the developers , it is not right to pay 500$ only for a gpu and 300$ for a processor and drop under 60fos at 1080p at any given moment . If i go under 50fps once the game is installed , I am returning the game and wanning a refund because it is not fear for developers to make games perfect on consoles and not caring about PC which has a lot more potential and a lot more powerful than a console .

The ports released past few months for PC have had absolutely retarded optimization and games like Dying Light no optimization at all . I dont wanna wait months after release for an update which optimizes it and still drops under 60fps . Like I said nothing should drop below 60 on a system like mine and above .


Does your card have more than 2GB?