Will leaving quite before losing not break your win streak? Will it count as a lost?


Yesterday we fought against a very arogant player. He told is in the character select screen that he is undefeated with a 18 win streak and if we are ready to lose.

So we were not really impressed, we thought okay lets fight. Our Assault was leaving not great but our Trapper switched over to Assault.

And yes he was very skilled it was a very intense fight. At the end only the medic and support was alive the monster had approx two or three bars of health left. Dont ask me how but the medic (XY) and the support (XX) won. It was very very close!

In this moment the monster immediately quit, so at this point we ask our self.

Will quitting before losing not break your win streak?
Or does it generally not count as a lost when you quit right before a lost?
Or was he just upset and it was just a rage quit and he got a lost as it should be?


Had the same thing happen to me and my bud yesterday. The monster was super cocky and told us, “Sorry for the lost.” He had like a three win streak. At the end of the game he lost and immediately quit before the end screen showed up.


It counts as a loss. I had a 60 game win streak before I had to disconnect due to a bug. Following that I got paired with the Dildozers and got wrecked due to my own aggressiveness.


Kinda sounds our game during TU8.