Will Kraken be fixed in the micropatch?


@MacMan Any Top Tier Hunter knows that currently the flight change coding to Kraken has made him impossible to CC from a Hunter standpoint. And on top of that he no longer suffers from certain weaknesses while using abilities.(Vagueness to keep the exploit abuse as low as possible). He is literally a fast moving, unable to be slowed, wrecking force. We struggle against bad Kraken players who know the issues to exploit, simply because it’s that broken. Please update when the fix is in the works, because whoever was in charge of that coding dropped the ball.


Yeah Kraken seems absurdly powerful now. It’s amazing how one little change to its flight made it broken.


u played against abe? He’s can ride on u!

As abe take movementspeed perk 25%, throw ur stasisballs into the monster and just jump on it!
Kraken cant win against a good Abe. White 25% ur faster at the ground than the Kraken in the air. When he is on ground ( out of stamina ) ur stasisballs slow it to … 10% movementspeed ?!.. Easy win.

Yeah… love to play as kraken with 25% movement, but when u cant go the ground… ya … GG

Kraken need a fix, that movementspeed work with flyspeed. THanks!


There is no fix to Kraken coming micro patches. To fix Kraken requires coding and micropatches are only number changes. Kraken will change after next major title update.

just continue to capture video or exploits and send them to turtle rock.