Will Kala, Torvald, Laz, Jack be the new annoying comp?


what do you guys think


First, the term is banned.
Second, No. You just need to play against her for longer than an hour.


I’d run Kala, Laz, Lennox, Crow.


ah i see


edited title :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we just leave it as death comp?


Torvald was born a god Comp.


Emet, Slim or Laz, Kala, Crow and Torvald or Parnell I think would be the best choices.

Out of the medics: Emet would be able to keep up a buoy next to a teleporter pad, or a respawn beacon, outside of a dome, Slim could just do the damage and be able to heal the hunters inside or outside of the dome with his healing bug, with similar teleporter shenanigans, as well as prevent the monster from smelling teleporter pad locations, and Laz is just Laz.

Crow I think is the obvious choice because he’d be able to do health damage 100% of the time theoretically, and has great tracking.

And I feel Torvald or Parnell would be the best options for burst damage with Super Soldier or Mortars.


Replace laz with Emet. And torvald, Emet, jack, and kala is god comp. Unbeatable even against skilled monsters if they know what there doing.

Start of a dome kala places a teleported out aide dome. She then enters dome and hides another one in the dome. Emet lays a field od passive healing so it’s extremely hard to kill them plus the fact jack is a psuedo-support with his repulsor. So he’s helping the team survive.

Meanwhile kala is using armor piercer and torvald is wrecking monsters health. And will get the occasional full barrage of mortars when jack times his repulsor right.

“If” monster gets someone down. Emet teleports outside the dome. Leaving monster trapped in dome and unable to destroy his respawn beacon. That hunter then joins back on the assault of the poor monster. And just repeat till monster is dead.


If Sam is on laz then probably lol, I can feel the ping salt already. Hehe


I really don’t understand how you can call that team unbeatable when Kala hasn’t even been out for a day… Hunters don’t know how to fully use her, monster don’t know how to play against her


I would have thought Crow in the mix would have been worse than Jack. Afterall, when her anti-armor beam has run out, Crow can still do health damage. Combined with Gobi and you’d have a hard time getting away. Am I missing something?