Will it get boring?


I’ve always dreamed of a game like this, there’s so much potential and fun to be had with this game but I literally only have one problem with it. Is it going to get boring? Yes I know there are many maps/monsters/characters but I think what we really need to know is how diverse the different game modes will be. This is one of my most anticipated games ever if not the most so don’t disappoint me, TRS! (Ps i know you won’t :smile:)


I personally don’t think it will get boring. It’s designed to be very competitive and not 1 game will be exactly like the next, it will always be different. Look at L4D, it’s been 5/6 years and me and some friends still play vs mode every week. I have complete faith in TRS. Maybe we will learn of some new modes at E3. Lol, I’m satisfied with just 4v1, but still looking forward to the other modes.


This is one area that kind of annoys me, not to be rude but a LOT of games rely on “one mode” and are VERY successful at it.

I understand the need for some variety, and I’m sure there will be some but if Hunt sounds like it could boring fast for you, then you might want to pass on Evolve as it’s going to be the “signature” mode. The entire game is built around it, from the evolving monster, to the objectives on the maps.

Battlefield is known for Conquest. When people talk about Battlefield, ever since 1942, it’s been about Conquest. Sure there are other modes and Rush is reasonably popular but Conquest is the defining experience that has kept Battlefield going as a shooter for years.

League of Legends and Dota 2 (hell, the entire Moba genre for the most part) are two of the most played games, period. Sure League now has a few maps (I believe Dota 2 has only 1 still) but the primary map for competition is still Summoner’s Rift. The standard 3 lane map, over and over again. People have played it for years now. Dota 2 has the same map layout as Dota 1. The mode is always the same. Kill the enemy HQ by pushing down towers with help from regularly spawned waves of minions.

And as hefferlegs says, to this day L4D is played in versus mode by many and campaign by many. Now you might say those are two different modes, but they aren’t really. Survivors are trying to get to the safe house in both modes, infected try to stop them. The only real difference is there is a scoring mechanism in versus and the infected are other people. But it’s the same game. Same rules. And since that was TR’s first full game, I’d expect many similarities if I were you. I’d rather not have this be CoD, in that it has lots of “modes” but nothing signature. AFAIK, CoD doesn’t have a signature mode it developed. It’s variations on what arena shooters have been doing for years.

Evolve is a new experience and is built from the ground up for Hunt. Sure we might get some kind of “fun” monster vs monster mode but I doubt it will ever catch on as Hunt will. 4 players hunting down a lone monster player who is evolving deep in the jungle into something dangerous is going to be the defining experience. Your mileage may vary depending on how much you value replayable MP games. Personally I have around 500 hours in EACH L4D game, asymmetrical MP is one of my favorite types of game. And this isn’t some “team deathmatch” game I might add as well, so keep in mind this game will probably progress unlike any other MP game we’ve played before.

L4D’s MP played unusually too. Since campaign was setup as level progression, versus was an extension of that. There aren’t really “maps” in L4D, they are levels that you progress through as though it were singleplayer which is pretty unusual in a MP game.

Soo…I did ramble a bit and OP I realize you aren’t saying it’s going to be boring or anything. Just wanted to get this off my chest as I see people claim this game needs at least “X” number of modes. I disagree, as long as Hunt is executed well (which it looks like it will be) then we don’t 12 modes. One really good mode will be plenty.


Yeah it makes sense that hunt will be the core experience and I’ve actually just read on this forum on some thread that the developers play 2 hours a day and I’ve never actually got to play LFD so I wouldn’t know anything about it but the fact that so many people are still playing is amazing. One cannot simply get bored of being a 30 ft monster right?


Will it get boring? All a matter of opinion. I got bored of COD but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most played video games of all time.


I think one of the main reasons Call of Duty is played so much is because you win by being good, and don’t need to rely on others massively to be successful. It’s a measure of how good you are, whereas playing as Hunters is a measure of teamwork. I think that’s why COD players would love being the Monster, it’s a measure of their own personal skill as a gamer and they have to rely on absolutely nobody to succeed. I like a mix of both though


Honestly, this is an awful question, as everything gets boring eventually. EVERYTHING. Of course, that doesn’t mean it gets boring in less than 10 years, but it still gets boring eventually.

That said, I agree. I think that this game has a tremendous amount of replayability and I can only see it getting more exciting for the first few years, especially if Turtle Rock puts in a little bit of love and care towards this game (as they’ve done before). I don’t think you’ll have any troubles playing this game until at least 2016, if not later.


Just like “Mutations” in L4D2. Evolve could have “Evolutions” of different game modes.
So no, the game will have infinite replay ability.


We certainly hope to be able to stay in Evolve-land making more cool stuff for years to come. That’s the secret sauce as to why we’ve been playing it for three years and still love every playtest - it’s always changing! And we’ll be looking to you all for inspiration and feedback after release.

The games landscape is changing. Some games have been able to live for four or five years after release (look at LoL or WoW.) I don’t think anyone has done this with a FPS yet (have they?) but that doesn’t mean that we can’t. :smiley:


Wow, then this game will take over 20 years before it getting boring or not :stuck_out_tongue:


I never played it much, but Counter-strike? (And weren’t you guys responsible for a large part of that game? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yup, that’s the great thing about good MP games, they can last years. LoL was my MP game of choice when I finally tired of L4D and now it looks like Evolve is ready to replace it now that it’s finally starting to wear out for me. Still 3 years is pretty good amount of entertainment for a single game.


Thanks for explaining that MacMan! Whenever I watch youtube videos Of Evolve I always see people saying that oh this is going to get repetitive fast and stuff but now that I know that you guys have been playing this game for like 3 years and still having fun with it is really encouraging. Hopefully other people learn that too since honestly this is the biggest concern with the game since lots of my friends say the same thing but hopefully I can change their minds!


Yeah i have seen that many times in the comment section on many Evolve videos on YouTube and that makes me kind of sad that people judging the game that is going to sucke etc. even when they have not played it.


Just means we’ll have an advantage of experience of already playing the game and by the time they pick it up, we will already be pros at it :stuck_out_tongue:


As more game modes, monsters, characters and different ways of playing are revealed, we hope that people will stop worrying about it. We’ve got a lot of cool info to share before release!


ohh a suprise :smiley:


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