Will it be possible to transfer stats from Pc over to the Console?


I was thinking if you chould be able to transfer your stats (skill,Rank,characters etc.) from Pc over to the console or console to Pc?


That actually is quite interesting. Similar to when transferring your PSN from PS3 to PS4 or your Live from X360 to Xbone


yeah something like that but Evolve will only come to Xbox one, PS4 and Pc, but from Steam to Xbox one or PS4 or the other way around so you can keep playing without so you dont have to start from the start.
But if you want to start from the start, you can do that or continues your stat from another console or Pc.


there many MAJOR problems they have to solve in order to get system like that going and i believe this is not going to happens. i agree it would be cool, but i think its not going to happen :/.


It would be nice but the problem with this is it would promote a sort of “2K Account” type of feature like the Rockstar Club thing. Its a gigantic pain to do this every time you want to play a game when having DRM on top of DRM. Usually gives people a nudge to piracy.

If they had an optional account that you don’t need to have with no limitations if you don’t have one that would work fine but requires more huff on their end.