Will Hunting Season 2 be on sale on Xbox again?


Does anyone know if the Season 2 hunting pass with be on sale on Xbox live again?

On Tuesday it was $10.00 but when I went to purchase it yesterday it was $25.00. I purchased the deluxe edition for $16.50 on Tuesday and I’m mad I just didn’t get everything…


I don’t know. @Shaners or @Ladieaupair might. I know it was on sale in PS4 not too long ago.


Sales tend to come and go. It will more than likely happen again sometime in the future, but it’s hard to predict when.


if i could just get an amber alert when the vanilla game becomes 9.99, i will happily buy a second copy.

just like i did with l4d2, actually; i ended up having that on every system i could. why wouldn’t you, really.


Sadly, we don’t have any insights into sales. That’s all 2K’s world.


Ah, let me get that Hunting Season 2 code then :yum: