Will Evolve show performance improvements on an SSD?


I’m going to upgrade my system to be SSD based. I’m thinking to leave my old HD to save files, but I might install Evolve on the main SSD together with Windows.

Right now I experience some stutters and in general the HD is kinda slow. So I think Evolve might perform better on SSD. Do you think this will hold true?

I’m really thrilled with this upgrade, I think it should have a great impact in my general performance of my system.


Won’t is basically just reduce loading screen times? Also aren’t those loading screen times also dependent on the other players too? Stutters might or might not be caused by your GPU but I doubt it’s the HDD. I think the SSD will be really great for when you’re just using your computer but for playing the game I’m not sure you’ll notice anything. I think a game puts a bunch of stuff into ram when the game is running and I bet an SSD does the exact same thing since making it not do that is probably really complex and difficult so it’s easier to just make it behave like a really fast HDD. When you’re browsing files though I bet it’s gonna be just the greatest.


You’ll load faster but still need to wait for everyone else to load so there is no point in putting Evolve on an SSD at all.

If you’re having stuttering problems it’s most probable to be caused by something else, perhaps a RAM issue?


It will have a great impact on your general performance, but not so much on online games. Except for the loading speed. Your stuttering can be one of three things, ram, graphic card, or processor. Or even that there’s some dust in there.

I’d still get my hands on that SSD and install Evolve on it thou.


My current HD seems to be slow in general, for some reason. In Evolve, when I get these “stutters” I see the HD light all continuosly lighted up, that’s why I think it’s accesing the disk and causing the bottleneck. I’ve seen this stuff happen elsewhere in my system, that’s why I’m doing this upgrade mainly.

MY GPU is a R9 280x, works perfectly, and I have 8 Gb RAM, I don’t remember but it’s fast. MY processor is an i5, a 3550 @ 3.60, IIRC. I get a steady 60 fps.

I don’t think this setup justifies the stutters other than being a bottleneck issue with my HD. It has always performed really well even though the processor is not cutting edge nor new.


Yeah shouldn’t be any problem with those specs with the gpu or cpu, gogo OP SSD! :assault:


Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m really hyped with this upgrade since I know it’s going to be really noticeable in everyday use, in every aspect of using my PC.

I didn’t do it before because it’s always a hassle to reinstall windows and move files, which I avoid. But I learned that Samsung bundles a nice app with their SSDs to do this for me :slight_smile: So the only trouble I need to overcome is where to place it, since my case has already 2 HDs and I had to remove the HD cage (it’s an NZXT Phantom 410) to fit the GPU.

Another thing I might do, now that I have to bother to open the case is add more RAM, to a total of 16 Gb. That should be nice too and not too expensive.


Haha awesome I also pack a Phantom 410! Which colour do you have?

Yeah it’s always a hassle to upgrade but so worth it in the end, all the blood sweat and tears :smiley: and I am no expert but over 8GB for gaming isn’t recommended, but then again, you never know what the future will require :wink:


The only thing it will help with is loading up the game, which actually proves useful now that the game crashes every 60 minutes.


Well, it IS an improvement :slight_smile:


FYI, the game is now way more fluid and the annoying stutters I suffered are gone. I did well to invest in this upgrade :slight_smile:


It was likely the old hard drive had issues or the OS needed a fresh install. Going from a normal HD to SSD showed no improvements for me other than load times. My frame rate stayed 40-50fps during game play. So if the SSD helped then the old hard drive had bad sectors :open_mouth: So either way an upgrade seems necessary and if money isn’t an issue, a SSD is quite nice for loading quickly, scanning HD, maintenance, etc.

Oh and for any people potentially looking, don’t cheap out. Get a good solid name brand HD. Even though they’ve been out for a little while, the tech is still not perfected and is constantly changing so they’ve got some issues. That and companies trying to cut corners :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your upgrade :slight_smile:


Frame rate shouldn’t change at all, it’s not related to access time of the files on disk. The problem I had was a general issue with the HD being generally slow. Could be it had bad sectors, as you say. The thing is that I notice real improvements, the stutters I had are gone. I even had the intro videos freeze while the HD light in my case flashed solid. That was clearly due to the system, for some reason, having to stop and load.

I got a Samsung Evo 850, I’m really happy about the purchase :slight_smile:

Thanks, I wanted to do it for a long time and didn’t get into it until I learned how easy was to migrate Windows to the new drive :slight_smile: