Will evolve see a tier 6?


Hoping a Developer could answer this. Will we see a tier 6? I know they said if the community asks, they’ll provide. That’s however, very general and uninformative. So again, tier 6? Is there hope?



That’s the answer to your question and not uninformative at all. They can’t say yes, because in 5 months maybe noone plays anymore. And they can’t say no, because people might stay, willing to pay for more DLC.
Besides, it’s mostly a decision 2k makes, not TRS. And whatever lies in 2k’s hands is usually kept a secret until officially announced, so we have to wait.

Just let them finish tier 5 first and be happy about that, before you ask for the next tier already.



It depends entirely if there is a demand for it. If the playerbase wants it, and it appears to be financially viable, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a T6. As of now, there is no official word either way.


T5 could last as long as March, so they’ll have to wait and see how well t5 is received before embarking upon the next tier.
So you’re not going to get a definitive answer from the devs. Like everyone has said, it just depends on how well the game is doing after t5.


I believe that after T5 TRS said they will be focusing more on adaptions than DLC meaning a lot more free content. However in time I do believe that a T6 will come as long as the players have a demand for it and 2k sees that it is worth the investment.

Just had this same conversation with @mizx last night.


It would depend entirely on their budget and playerbase.

Not to be a pessimist here, but judging from the experience so far I’m gonna go ahead and be realistic by assuming the release of tier 6 won’t happen anytime soon or at all.


Like shredder said here. More free content looks more appealing to those who hadn’t bought the game yet. If we had an adaptation for each base character, that’s 30base characters compared to the old 15we started with.

I think 30base characters look more appealing with the 30-40$ price tag evolve is currently at.

I think a T6 is entirely possible in the future. However, adaptations seem like a smarter move. Plus, because adaptations are easier / less resource heavy to make, they can also start doing more maps , bug fixes etc.


Yeah, adaptions just seem like the way to go right now. Tons of free content and playability.

I look forward to Monster adaptions though. Of course to get the Behemoth and Gorgon ones you’d have to own the original version.


Going off of what @10shredder00 said…


They are draggin this tier out for so long, alot fixes still needed, barely any players left…

…but you are thinking about a next tier?


Yup! I remembered him saying it just didn’t remember where…


I can’t wait till those days. :3


Me either. MG is awesome. Sad though that he suffers from all the same things Goliath does… And no skins. If I cannot look like a giant sparkly cupcake if I want I don’t want to live in this world.


I just love crushing people’s dreams.


He says he hopes so!


Traitorous traitor…


if we see an adaptation for every character then I’m happy, It’ll be almost like a new tier that way


Oh, we’re most definitely going to see an adaptation for every character that ISN’T DLC. All of T1, T2, T3, and at least one for Kraken and Wraith.