Will Evolve have closed-beta or Playable Demo on Steam?


If so, where do I sign up for beta keys?


There have been a couple of threads on this subject, unfortunately we don’t know yet.




Also not just on Steam, please consider the consoles as well, young grasshopper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When we can preorder the game on steam?


I doubt that TR would make a beta strictly for one console or website. And the steam preorder will be available closer to launch


Also I wouldn’t count on it, as I don’t think either L4D game had any kind of beta for the public (L4D2 had a demo, again don’t know how much TR had to do with L4D2).

I could be wrong about L4D1 public beta but I don’t recall there being one. And as that article @Plaff mentions, the game looks pretty solid already and they have been playing it for a few years now for balance. It just might not require a public beta.


Oh there was a press demo that L4D had before the game was released which I managed to be a part of!

Actually I think it was more of a demo than a beta so there we are! But it was still fun, at least! :smiley:


Ask and you shall receive!