Will evolve get boring after a while?


I think this looks like a great game but If it doesn’t have enough content then it will get boring pretty quick. I want this game to interest me for 1-2months at least


Well, there are something like 16 maps on launch confirmed, along with the 4 game modes, 3 monsters and 12 hunters, and more promised to come, plus I think high level play is going to see a decent bit of innovation by both sides. I’d say it could interest you casually for a long while.


It’s up to you, I will never be bored of Evolve.


dota2 is played on the same map with the same heroes and the same items yet I somehow managed to spend 1.7k hrs of my life on it.

People nowaday think games have no content if you dont have XXXX amount of attachments and XXX amount of gun camos and AT LEAST XXXXXX amount of challenges/assignments.
Competetive play doesnt need content, its strives on the variation with existing things to get the best results possible


I played Left 4 Dead 1 for close to 3 years after it came out (still do every now and again) and that game only had 4 maps and hardly any content when you compare it to Evolve. What made it great for me was just how much went into the game and how action packed it was. I also played it competitively with my buddies so that added a lot to the game for me as well. And mind you there were only 2 DLC’s for L4D over the course of the game.

With Evolve there is just so much more going into it, and I feel it will be a game I also play for a few years as my main game. And a lot of people complain of lack of content but honestly when the core game play is refined and fun to play I’d rather have that over something like BF4,COD,Destiny where the carrot on the stick mentality is what drives a lot of the design of those games.


Well, Dota DOES have something in the neighborhood of 110 heroes, and about as many items. There’s a lot more room in there for item variety, skill builds, and of course the potential number of unique matchups is ridiculous.

Now, of course, I’m not saying Evolve will suffer because it doesn’t have that. Each character in Evolve has a lot more nuance to them compared to your average hero/champion/whatever, and the game itself is pretty mechanically rich, so I don’t see it getting boring ( to me, at least ) any time soon. Certainly isn’t a game for the short-term memory audience, though.


sure, the combination of stuff dota2 can have is almost infinite, it mightve been a bad comparison.
My point was that people just see X number of maps and X number of monsters, they tend to forget that even with just one map, one monster and one set of hunters gameplay can vary vastly depending on playstyle


a lot of people over the years playing de_dust2 in CS


I said this in another thread but this applies here as well:

I played 13 days of Wanted in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (keep in mind it only counts time in session towards your play time, so that doesn’t include searching for a session. 13 days, 10 minutes at a time). If you ever played Brotherhood or any of the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, you know that the characters are all the same except for aesthetic differences. You could only select 2 abilities in Brotherhood, but could change profiles after each death. If I’m not mistaken it launched with 8 maps and then added 3 more with DLC.

I bring all of that up because I would get into all night sessions with friends. We would just stay in the same lobby and play non-stop. We got so competitive that after a while we knew everyone’s tricks and how to counter them, everyone picked the same characters (so if you were killed by the Priest, you knew it was me).

Despite the game sessions consisting of the same group of players, playing the same characters, on the same maps, with the same load outs, I never tired of that game because of the fact you were matching wits with another person. If you got a stun or a focus poison it was because you outsmarted someone. In my opinion, that experience was so much more rewarding than just getting a headshot or shooting someone with a noob tube point blank range.

So all of that said (maybe should have a TL;don’t care) I see many similarities between Hunt mode in Evolve and Wanted mode AC:B. For starters, no two matches will ever be exactly the same. Even against the same team of 4 hunters, and you playing the same monster, the outcome will be different. Any time you are playing you should be learning a new strategy, tips on how to counter opponents and improving. This is a game the rewards cunning and strategy. The idea of singlehandedly taking down a group of 4 people that are working together. Best laid plans right up until you Leap Smash into them.

Now the differences that make Evolve all the more awesome:
Actual classes with different abilities/weapons and 3 monsters at launch (each with entirely different playstyles). Have your favorites, but master them all.
All DLC maps will be free and a promise never to split the player base over DLC.

And I’m not even mentioning the over 800,000 variables in Evacuation mode. I doubt you will get bored.


Everyone is different. I will get bored of this game in due time. But I think the thing I can do to make that as far down the line as possible will both (a) involve TRS keeping the game fresh with new content and (b) require me to do more friend-based games than going out and doing PUGs with random players.


The thing is with a game like this the meta game is going to be huge.


I’ve played L4D for close to 2,000 hours, AT LEAST 1,200 hours of that has been in the No Mercy campaign (no other campaign comes close to it, in my mind). Now many players will go through each campaign once or twice and be done with L4D, others will play it for hours over the various maps then get bored, some will find a certain map and mode they like and stick with it… Different strokes and all.

How do you play games personally? Are there any games of more than a few months old that you still play? Did you play L4D? If so, how did you play that?

Evolve has a lot of content, especially across the modes and sides, there’s a lot to unlock (especially with masteries), but ultimately it’s down to how you play games personally.

For me, I see enough in Evolve to double my L4D play time.


People still buy/play Call of Duty/Madden/third game with even though they are all just the same thing with slightly better graphics and one or two different things, without getting bored, so long as you are playing against other people it has the possibility of staying fun for a long time. Idk about the people who will buy the game and just play solo, they might get bored pretty fast,


Yeah, everything everyone said, basically. I mean, I sure as hell thought people would get bored of COD or Battlefield, but I was proven wrong on multiple occasions.

I think it’s a personal thing. It won’t get boring if you get as much of a kick as I did in the Alphas, that’s for sure.


The devs will try to keep it entertaining and fresh, and i think they will succeed. To be fair this game is designed to be fun for a long time, slabomeat has literally said just that.


People play checkers for years and that is ‘pretty simple’ when you get down to it. It just depends on what you find enjoyable or not.


Kinda like the “Chess” analogy. Games can seem simple in their rules, but play out in one of many." In fact, a game of chess can play out in 1 of 120M different ways once you’re only a couple moves into a game.

In Hunt, as Hunter, it’s about ensuring the Monster does not get to later evolutions. Trap and force the fight as soon as possible to keep the odds in your favor.

In Hunt, as Monster, it’s about eluding the Hunters, and when forced to fight, to down them in a strategic sequence that benefits your situation (ie, if you’re low on health, and ‘domed’, drop the Trapper to break the dome and flee. Of course, sometimes people like Hank with his shield, jump up in priority if they are actively shielding your intended targets, so you take things as they come.


There was a short moment in the Big Alpha where I got a bit bored … not because of the game itself but because I was desperately trying to find decent teams and monsters and the premade teams lobby were bugged … so ya I guess you can blame matchmaking for boring me out.


Some great single player games only last about 10 hours but are worth getting. I think that this game will keep me playing for a lot longer than that.

Short answer: No
Long answer: Nooooooooooo