Will Evolve feature a companion app?


Companion apps for games seem to be pretty common in games since the launch of current gen consoles and I was wondering if Evolve will have a companion app or second screen function as well. I’d really like to see something similar to Battlescreen on BF4. And Evolve will support remote play on the Vita as well right?


I would rather have the developers focusing on the game and not on some smartphonestuff


Well, they may already have something for it that we don’t know about. I’d rather them work on finishing the game too but it doesn’t mean they won’t have something anyways. It just seems like a lot of games are doing this and I wanted to know if Turtle Rock had something planned or not


It would depend on how useful the app was. Personally I think I wouldn’t use it, but again, it depends on what it does and how useful it is.


A pet Goliath to care for, Tamagotchi style? Now THAT’S an app I would purchase! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not, it should also have the ability to watch games though.


It should track your Evolve progress, achievements and maybe have a map of the game your in.


Thanks Lazarus.


Companion apps are useless, especially ones that have a minimap on them or something among those lines. Who wants to hold up a phone while playing a game, just to see something they can see on-screen anyways? Even if they did have one, I wouldn’t use it.


I don’t know if Evolve consuming more of my time would be a good thing. As much as I love the game. :wink:


I’m a Vita user as well with that same concern.


They have on now if you aren’t already aware by this point


Yup, and I’m glad they made it. New favorite mobile game lol


Forgot about testing this during the beta, but seeing as how I have to borrow my roommates tv to play, it would be nice. I think it does support remote play if I’m not mistaken, though IDK if I’d use it against anything but bots.


It does, but it just has the rear touch pad as R1,R3,L1, and L3 which is annoying for me to try to get used to. I just want to know if the App could also be available for the Vita since I don’t use any other mobile device lol. GTA V’s companion app was btw.


Ah, good question, though I don’t think it will be sadly. Luckily L3 and R3 aren’t super critical in the game, though L1 and R1 are. I remember trying bf on it and it was awful.