Will Evolve F2P for ever?


I got a question.

Will Evolve f2p for ever or only limited time ?


You can’t really go back on F2P. If everything works out I’m sure we’ll see ways that they can make money by purchasing things in game.


So its 4 ever ?


Yes, it’s 4 ever.


Well, if you mean will it stay the exact same level of free it is right now where it is actually impossible to spend money on the game, I think there are plans for micro-transactions and that sort of jazz once they’ve gotten things sorted out with the Stage 2 beta, but I know nothing of the form those will take or if they actually do them. But I very highly doubt they will make the base game Pay to play again, that would cause so much backlash that no one needs.


i don’t think there’s any game in history that went from f2p to pay to play.


So thats great it will be free :slight_smile: because i love <3 this game !