Will Evolve be at PAX East Germany?


With pax prime, pax east, pax this and pax that all happening in 'merica, I was wondering if Evolve will show up in Pax east Germany so us europeans can get a taste? :smiley:


Is PAX East Germany even a thing? I’ve never heard of it before and I’ve just googled it and got no results.

Evolve has already been in Germany though I think


Pax conventions are only held in Boston Mass., Houston TX, Seattle WA, & Melbourne Australia. There are no European PAX conventions but idk about other gaming conventions


Did you mean Gamescom in August?


yea probably. just a big game convention thats always around summer in europe/germany.


There’s more information about Gamescom here, if that’s the one you mean!


I tried looking up Evolve but no results so far, but here’s hoping ,eh? :smiley: