Will Evolve be a Free-to-Play or Pay-to-Play?


Will Evolve be Free-to-Play or Pay-to-Play game?
or will it be like League of Legend there you can buy characters trough real money or Influence Point?
Because i saw something about it on a website, cant remember the website.

Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play

Free to play ofcourse! But if you want to play it online with your friends on your xbox, then you need to buy a xbox live gold membership.


thx to clear this off.


It’s neither, because you have to buy the game first! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a traditional game. You go to the store, pay $60, and buy it. It’s not like LoL or anything.


what i ment about LoL was, something similar way of getting new characters.


As @DeadlyCyclone noted, it is a retail game that will be coming out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In terms of how you gain access to new characters - we haven’t gone into detail about that process, but it will certainly be discussed before release, so keep an eye out. :smile:


I read an interview earlier about characters being unlocked through experience points. But if we can bypass that with micro-transactions that might be good also.


No dont even start that shit parks


It’s good for people who don’t play online if they can’t gain XP from playing offline.

Don’t blame me. The OP brought it up and PTGameGeek didn’t shoot it down.


Nonono oh god pls no


microtransactions to speed up things were never a good idea just look at dead space 3


Then i suggestion that you take a look at League of Legend and that was very success.


League of legends is succesful game in very different basis. You cannot compare LoL to EVOLVE its while different genre. Microtransactions have worked in all mobas but this is nit a moba.


And i know that for a fact because o have 5 years of moba and 3 years of LoL history behind me.


As long it’s not pay to win, I’m fine with it.


Its not going to be pay to win im sure :)!


I just read the polygon article. I’m not a fan of the F2P model at all. I’m a traditional console only gamer and I want a complete well rounded game to begin with. Then if you want to sell monsters as DLC later on that’s fine, but the vanilla game should feel like a full game by itself.


it will be like that like the dev said it is a retail game.


WHY ? WHY !!! OMG. It cos 60dollars. I pre-orderet it at october 2014. I Paid 60 for it and now it is going to be FREE TO PLAY !!! God help me