Will event skins be offered to everyone eventually?


I would like to know if i miss these events, if eventually i will be able to get them some other way? I dont like the idea of losing a skin cause i didnt play a specific weekend.

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Slab did say that all dlc would only be timed exclusives. I would assume that applied to weekend event skins as well. They will probably be available for purchase at a later date.


Thats not cool. Why should these skins be available for purchase later on? I have already spent over a $100 supporting this game. I dont feel i should be punished because i am unable to play on the weekend that they want me to. They should just be provided for free. Also, i dont think the other event skins have been given to the players that didnt participate. So for how long exactly would these skins be “event exclusive”?


I just hope these skins from the hunter’s quest app are sold later, I didn’t get Markov’s skin and I don’t know if I’ll have the time to get Maggies… Just let me pay a few bucks and get the arctic skin pack already.


Soooo, what would be the point of ever having events then?

I don’t see anything wrong with rewarding skins for an event and then later selling them to those who didn’t or couldn’t participate. If a skin is completely exclusive and will NEVER be available outside of one single one-time event, I might take issue, but even then it’s only a skin, and thus not really that big a deal.

Giving cosmetic rewards to people who support the game in certain ways or at certain times seems perfectly kosher, and handing them out for free to anyone and everyone would eliminate whatever value they might have otherwise had. Timed exclusivity followed by putting them up for sale like any other skin seems like a good middle ground.


[quote=“zind, post:5, topic:54161”]

Giving cosmetic rewards to people who support the game in certain ways or at certain times seems perfectly kosher, and handing them out for free to anyone and everyone would eliminate whatever value they might have otherwise had[/quote]

I have already supported this game by dropping over $100 on it. Is that not enough support in your opinion? The event can be used as a way for the community to “unlock” a skin. And it will be unlocked to those who participate immediately, while those who didnt would get it a month or two later. Sorry but you have a very selfish attitude right now. I should have to pay for a skin that you got for free just because i chose to spend this weekend with my family that i see once a year instead of playing!?


Woooo you bought the game. They never told you that you’d get everything they ever made for free for buying whatever bits of the game you’ve bought, so why would you expect it? I could just as easily say that you’re acting selfish for wanting things for free just because other people got them while you weren’t around. You might as well go sign up for an MMO and demand that they give you all the special promo items from their holiday events in past years.

I don’t really think I’m being selfish because personally, I really don’t care. If they gave out the skins for free later on, I wouldn’t care. If they sold the skins later, I wouldn’t care. If they didn’t even wait and just gave them to everyone who ever plays the game, I still wouldn’t care. It just doesn’t make any sense to expect something for nothing. Why shouldn’t the people who helped the community meet the goal get a little something for it?


I agree with zind. I think community challenge skins should be completely exclusive to those who participated in the event. Thats the exact reason for a community event. There are tons of other skins you can buy as well. If you absolutely have to have this skin then you should help with the challenge.

you only have to play one game, one, to qualify for the skin. you don’t personally have to do 200 mil to the monster. If you can’t be bothered to give 5, 10, 15 minutes max, I don’t think you should have the skin. I mean, they make it so easy to get the skin its ridiculous. you personally don’t even have to play bucket.


Funny how we throw around the word community. This is an event for the community, yet you are suggesting that only some players in the community should receive this while others shouldn’t.

If this was the other way around, and YOU couldn’t participate, i would seriously defend that you should get the skin for free either way, because you are part the community and that doesn’t stop being true just because you stopped playing for one weekend. If you and I both enjoy this game, i would do anything in my power to help you further enjoy this game. I could not hate more the idea of me having an item that YOU want and YOU cant have. I dont understand why so many ppl suffer of this special snowflake syndrome now a days.


I’m not sure what platform you’re on, but you could always ask a friend for help.

I know that I’ll eventually miss an event, that’s my fallback plan.


I think you’re missing the word event.
It is an event. I don’t get mad when i cant attend a concert, which is an event, and cant get the exclusive t shirt for that concert.

and really dude, its like ten minutes.If you absolutely can’t live without having this skin, change your password and let a friend log on for the weekend to play then when the event is over change it back.

and no i wouldn’t be upset with losing out on a skin i didn’t help to get.


If I couldn’t participate in an event, and I thus didn’t get the skin that was rewarded for participating in said event, I wouldn’t be trying to get it, because I didn’t earn it. I don’t understand this sense of entitlement people have these days, where they have to have everything everybody else has.

If the reward was something that actually affected the game, like another character or even something as small as a mastery point boost, I’d be thinking differently, but cosmetics are perfect for this sort of reward type thing and I don’t think TRS/2K are doing anything at all unfair or inappropriate.

EDIT: FWIW, I posted a similar post to your OP during the Golden Skin event, because I was at PAX without a PC that weekend, so I know where you’re coming from, but in that case it was actually touted to be a one-time-only exclusive sort of thing, and I was at PAX watching Evolve on the big screen, hardly ignoring the game.


No, you would not be upset if you didnt get the skin you didnt help get. But if i did help get the skin, i would still be perfectly fine with you getting it for free. Thats the issue here. You say you dont care but you keep posting in this thread saying that you think i (and everyone else who missed it) shouldnt get the skin.


Its not a sense of entitlement. I already told you, if the tables were turned, and i was able to “work for it” and you were not, I would still be fine with you getting the skin. Its not entitlement, its selflessness.


Yeah, and I’ve already said that I’m fine with you getting the skin too. I just don’t see how it would be unfair if you didn’t.

EDIT: Also, you’re saying you feel punished because some people got a thing, and you feel like you deserve the thing. That’s pretty much the dictionary definition of entitlement.


I’m sure they will be made available for everyone eventually, if not for sale then the events will probably repeat at some point. If neither of those happen, someday later on down the road they might just give them out to everyone for free once the game is long past its prime, we just don’t know.


This whole thing is the feeling that you’re being punished. But youre not being punished at all, you’re just not getting rewarded.

you can get rewarded, just play one game or have someone play one game on your profile.


I’m sorry that you (don’t) have to buy skins that add absolutely nothing to gameplay whatsoever.


Actually, it’s YOU that has the selfish attitude.


Why cant the “reward” simply be that you get the skins a month or two earlier than those that participated? Why cant that be enough?