Will / Does Evolve have to be launched through Steam?


I’m just wondering if you can launch the game by itself, or will you have to use Steam to launch the game?


Dunno I never seen the back of the DVD case. If it says “Steam account required” or some such, then yes it has to be launched through steam and requires it for install.

I honestly dunno without a physical PC DVD case or a dev or someone confirming.


I believe so. Just checked Greenmangaming and Amazon, both say the Steam client is required.


Yes. Evolve has its own resources, but Steam is the clientele it runs through.


Ok, thank you. I would have liked to avoid it, but it isn’t a game changer.


Yeah steam is alright really. Unlike uplay and origin and that crap.


Yeap i’m also pretty sure Steam will be a must.
But honestly its more than okay.I’m guessing you are not into steam for some reason?
I love having everything inside my Steam.90% of gamers do aswell.Steam is the best at its category.Once you get the hang of it you will love it aswell


Steam is a must on PC. It uses it’s features, along with online sales.


I dont like steam, i downloaded steam a year ago only for another game called AIRMECH , i have never been a fan of steam stuff or sales since here you can get all AAA games (including Evolve) at a price of 16$s (original DVD ) and other games at a cost of max 10$s…

And i hate steam auto updating !

Guess i need to update steam for Evolve !


Meh if you get used to it you will love it.It is just a briefcase that holds all your games.Friendslist steam sales etc.And steam has never closed any of my games or something to update itself lol.It would tell me a new update is up but i would just press cancel and let it do it when i boot it up next time.And even with bad connection steam updates are not more than 10MB lol ;p


Dunno why, but i hate steam… I dont install anything, unless that is absolutely positively necessary !
My PC / LAPTOP has only the most needed softwares and nothing more…Even my Sony Z3 has only necessary apps ( i debranded it )
I dont like to have anything that i dont need… As i mentioned in earlier post, i got no use for steam :smile:

About briefcase part, i install all of my games in a single 800 gb drive and some intensive games on SSD… So for its kinda easier to just open that specific drive from desktop (with rainmeter) and instantly start the game !


You that you are very wrong! For example, you can spy on the devs playing the game…



Game definitely needs steam launched to run as it has steamworks integration for multiplayer i.e. it uses your steam friends list, ID and name in multiplayer games.


Nope… Still nope… I dont watch any sort of streams…

As far as now, the only live stream that i watch is from DE about warframe where they talk about upcoming / background stuff of the game , rather than playing the game !


I use Steam, and prefer it, but I understand the desire to have it released through more digital distributors. There should be a uPlay/Origin version of the game. 2K may have chosen not to go through others simply because of their lack of volume compared to Steam or maybe they didn’t like the expense incurred.

EA owns Origin. And EA owns developers whom they force ONLY to go through their distribution channel. That’s where I draw the line. It’s one thing is EA allowed Origin-only titles to be sold through Steam, even if it required an Origin account, and if Valve then declined, but EA simply heavy hands players to use their client only by not even selling through other channels. I’m against that bullshit; and my closed wallet to a lotta great games to this date proves that.


If I had a choice of getting ALL my games DRM free I would. But Steam is okay-ish and sales are good. But I can feel your pain. Just another DRM to go through.