Will Crytek's trouble effect the future of Evolve?


So I’ve been seeing a string of articles coming out claiming that crytek is in trouble and may get sold(hopefully bought by 2k) or bankrupt.

I know the only tie in that turtle rock has to Crytek is their engine but I fear that Evolve maybe stuck with the same engine for a while. Or future projects from TurtleRock may be effected by the fall of Crytek. Maybe I’m wrong but I at least wanted to bring it up.


if anything wouldnt they just switch to a new engine? i am pretty sure that crytek 3( is that what its called) wasn’t being used when they started production which was 3 years ago and the idea of evolve was before left 4 dead. switching an engine could even enhance evolve 2 if there is going to be one. TRS made evolve up and running within 3 months i beleive. a new engine would be a peice of cake to them


It might be longer because they may need to rerender everything (I honestly don’t know, just guessing). Also, if they will make a sequel, it won’t be Evolve 2, it would be Evolved lol.


It shouldn’t as long as Turtle Rock gets to keep their license to use the engine for commercial purposes. EA owns CryEngine I think, just as it owns Frostbite. So hopefully 2k/TR’s deal is with EA because EA won’t be going anywhere. Crysis was published by EA so even if they don’t own Crytek or CryEngine, there is probably a good chance of them buying it up.


No, I’m certain it would be called “Evolve 2: Evolve Harder”!


How could the cryengine not be selling it is the most advanced thing I’ve ever seen?


Cryengine is not the problem Crytek apparently are not doing well overall financially. I think its a combination of sales not reaching expectations and the huge amount of people on the payroll.

On a side note, I think Cryengine almost always look great. But something about the metal surfaces doesn’t look good to me. I dont know if its the lighting or the textures but certain metal/aluminum surfaces look very video gamey lol. I dunno just a immersion breaker for me.


True now that I think of it the metal did seem a little “oily”, but I hope the cry engine will still be used until something better comes along