Will Cross-Platforming be implemented eventually?

Hello, I’ve been playing in ESL (Go4Evolve) for a few months now, it’s really fun!
New teams are rare though, in fact teams are dwindling at this point, it saddens me to see this as I’ve played Evolve diligently since release.

I ask because I would love to participate in the action PC generates, where the Hype and acknowledgment is. For months, Ps4 had many teams contending, it’s gotten less and less over the weeks, and could possibly be canceled soon like I’ve heard about Xbox 1. PC Tourneys always have Hype, and many spectators. Really fantastic! It’s a buzzkill, on console, being overlooked by PCs hype. We’ve streamed and shoutcasted, yet we still have trouble spreading the word to those who thoroughly enjoy Evolves competitive scene.

Cross Platforming could stop splitting the competitive scenes, “Elite Users” could show “Newer Users” how things work, helping new Teams digest the huge learning curve this game projects.

What do you guys think?

There’s already a topic about this friend, I’ll move your post there :smile:


I see, thank you!

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