Will behemoth be evolves last monster


Are yall going to send out eny more monsters/skins?


No theres a 5th

And 2 more hunters


At least. They said that they would still continue to do content as long as it made sense to do so.


Let me reply careful and provide a good answer…






With how they launched the Behemoth, I would have to say I hope so… I dont’ want to see them release a very squishy bunny to play as who gets 1 shot…

from my experience with all the monsters, their actual ideal of balance/health/damage etc etc… took a nosedive faster than Germanwings plane sadly…

I preordered evolve due to it being from the original guys who worked on L4D, (Not L4D2),

I loved that game, loved playing as the tank… they lost their way currently… TRS PLEASE I BEG YOU. LISTEN TO MONSTER PLAYERS =/


No, they have already confirmed a fifth monster at the minimum.


The game seems to do rather well if you take a look at the open positions at TRS. So we can expect alot more to come I’d say.


yup this.

So quit complaining about paying for dlc and keep playing :smiley:
(not you @maddcow) :smile: