Will be fight between the monsters?


know that the monsters and hunters will fight, but what about the other players that are
monsters will fight each other?


As far as we have heard, there are some technical issues making this work. It may happen one day, but as for now, probably not.


Just gauging what I know about Goliath and Kraken, they aren’t really balanced against each other. Typically when you balance things like a ranged character and a melee character you have to allow them to play to their strengths. If each character just had a basic attack, the ranged character would win by just walking backwards and throwing stuff at the melee while the melee walked forwards. So you give the melee character a gap closer so that they can get into melee range and do their attacks. Well, at that point the ranged character would lose because their attacks are slightly weaker by themselves. So then you give the ranged character a root or a slow or something so that it can get back into it’s preferred range. Then tactics and strategy come into play where the melee holds their gap closer until after the root or slow so that they get time to beat on the ranged while the crowd control is on cooldown.

With Kraken and Goliath, Goliath has all kinds of gap closers, and Kraken doesn’t have any roots. On the other side, Kraken can go straight up, and short of throwing a rock (which is really hard to aim for a direct hit), Goliath doesn’t really have anything to do against that. It is “anti-fun” when you are stuck without any choices to make during an action game like Evolve. No matter what is happening, there should be some sort of action that can be taken by either you or your team mates to improve your chances.

They should totally put Goliath into the Pacific Rim game as a cameo, though. That’d be sweet.


Goriath vs. Gorzirra!


I think the monsters have a bond like 30% of their DNA is the same or like some kind of pack or maybe the monsters were a mysterious sentient race on Shear that when the humans came and didnt wanna leave have developed boons to banish the humans and that worked because other than the hunters theres no human left on Shear.