Will and/or Why should progression affect playstyle?


First let me say I’m really looking forward to this game, but from what I’ve gathered watching and reading online, you are required to grind out “quotas” for damage/etc. with each skill to rank up with a monster. I for one really don’t agree with this system, as the only benefit is that it forces players to try everything out to find out what they like. Once that novelty has worn off, however, people will want to play their way, and if that way means that they won’t be going for something like Flame Breath damage, then wouldn’t that be a problem? I understand that it’s one way to keep “interest” in the game, but this could easily be achieved with straight-up challenges for straight up bragging rights, like skins and what-have-you.

Maybe things will be different than in the Alpha, but usually the consensus on grinding is pretty negative. I can support it somewhat when it’s for bragging rights, but if it’s related to unlocking core mechanics such as new monsters I can’t say I agree with it at all.

Shouldn’t the grinding system be based off of things such as Accumulated Wins, Victory Time, Evolutions, and Objective Capturing? Linking the system to ability damages means people will purposefully draw games out and play with their food in order to rank up and boost their own stats. That seems like that exact opposite thing we would want happening.


Hi Seran! Welcome to the TRS forums!

You raise a good point about the damage/range/aoe bonuses you got in the leveling system.

I actually don’t know what the final stance was on this in terms of whether it was included in the final build, I would love to know this answer and more importantly if the bonuses were changed. It did worry me that a monster who maxed out his skills would do flat out more damage than an new monster.

By the same token some abilities seemed much more useful once leveled, such as Val’s dart duration increase. Perhaps @MacMan will be able to let us know what ended up happening with the progression based damage/(etc) bonuses?

Also might be a good question for this thread;


Thanks for the reply, it’s nice to know somebody else is curious about it too.
I’ll cross-post my post in that thread as well I suppose. It couldn’t hurt


I had this same concern in that it was better skill progression to ‘farm for your food’ instead of just winning. I do know that the masteries are a lot easier now, but other than that we don’t know.