Will alt hunters have different personalities?

Will rogue Val have a different personality to normal Val, for example?
I could see her being more sassy and rebellious.

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I don’t think so, its still the same person.

I doubt it quite a bit O.O

But one can hope for Abe being a real gentleman >.<
That one is me

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Part of the benefit of adaptions is that, compared to new character development, they’re relatively low effort to produce. A different personality would mean more script writing and additional voice acting, all of which up the effort and cost.

What I could see is maybe a couple extra lines of dialog specific to the adaption. Even one alternate line, if it’s the right one, could give you a double-take on their personality. Like if instead of rebuffing Jack’s advances, Rogue Val flirts in return. I think there are better candidates than that one, but just as an example. TRS does routinely have the voice actors record new lines when a new character is created, so they could slip 1 or 2 alternates in without too much additional effort.

@Matthew, can you give a yay or nay on this topic?


It’d be a breath of fresh air to hear some cool new dialogue, but they won’t rope in the voice actors again to do lines again. Simply for the sake of money and time.

what do u mean with rogue Val?
is there any skins coming?

It’s an adaptation, like METEOR Goliath to Golaith.

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I can imagine Meteor Goliath likes space and Fried Chicken but he has a hard time telling so, Possible?


Rogue Val and Blitz Markov are two adaptations coming, just like Meteor Goliath.

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They’re still the same person so… No.

But are they…

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I’d guess MG would prefer Fried Mammoth Birds though >.<

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Yes they are…

The answer, currently, is no, they won’t have their own unique dialog.

But the reason is mostly “we don’t know what they would say, exactly?”

Each character has over 1,000 lines of dialog and that’s a big part of what makes them seem like real people. Plausible.

But the idea behind the variants is that they’re non-canonical allowing us to do interesting, even potentially whimsical, things with the characters. Let the artists go crazy, so to speak.

And while you might be able to think of a few interesting or funny things for a Rogue Val to say, it doesn’t seem substantive enough to warrant going back in the studio.

There’s never been a serious discussion about it here, because none of us really thought of these alternate versions as new characters. Just an interesting What If?


Thanks for the response, Matthew :smile:

All I wanted to know.

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Gentlemen Abe should be an alt hunter.

“I do say Goliath if you would be so kind as to sit still a moment” chucks stasis grenade