Will All Variants Be Free?


I would assume not unless they have an alternative to keep income. I am not one to have a problem with them being charged for eventually unless they continue to make new tiers because that and skins is the only other alternative.


I’m pretty sure they said they were going to be free


If they make adaptations of the tier 4 and 5, then I would expect to pay for them. But the rest have been announced to be free.


My guess would be that if they release adaptations for the T4/5 then they are free as long as you have bought the standard version of the character.


So far, all the planned ones will be only for T1-T3, so yes. After that, nobody is able to answer that yet.


all we know is that macman said

"I hope so!"


I assume they will all be free but only for the characters you have access too

For instance if you didn’t buy Torvald then no Torvald variants… makes sense to me

More incentive to buy characters that you may not have like originally… most likely not to piss off the rest of the community who already paid


T4/T5 I was hoping that it would be a setup like:

"If you have T4/T5 Characters you will be able to have the variants but if you don’t you have to buy the original character before you can get the T4/T5 variants


Variants are all free.

IF they make ones for T4/T5, which there’s a chance that they won’t, they will all be free so long as you’ve purchased the character they correspond to.


Where did you hear this? As far as I am aware they haven’t stated their current plans. It seems likely that at least T1-T3 is on the table, but just wanted to dbl check.


I heard it some time back, I can’t tell where exactly though. MacMan made a post about this question saying that all the ideas they currently have for variations were only for the base characters. It was a couple weeks back though.


I asked MacMan in a PM, and he stated so far that all they have planned are T1-T3. However, he did state that although he is unsure that they will make adaptations for T4-T5, he would like to.


Yes, all variants for characters tiers 1, 2, or 3 will be free. Variants for characters tiers 4 or 5, if they are ever made, will come with the character they are based on.


I hope so, so long as the variants are free some people might come back, but we also have to treat the DLC problem that started all this BS in the first place.


Lennox Variant;

Dual Plasma Lances;
The damage counter goes up to x8, and they whip faster.

Anti Air Nerf Gun;
shoots out Nerf gun bullets at high speed. Do no damage whatsoever, but are annoying to the Monster as well as your team.

Thunder Strike of Ultimage Chaotic Destruction and Things;
Lennox locks onto the Monster, from anywhere on the map, before hopping into a 1963 Chevrolet Impala, flying into the sky and crashing into the Monster. As she impacts the Monster she punches them 47 times in the Kidney, instantly destroying all armor and half the Monsters health, however Abe had sold the air bags, so Lennox dies on impact. She somehow manages to have time to punch the Monster 47 times beforehand though, because science and video games and things.


this alone i would enjoy. honestly i dont know what they could do with lennox’ plasma lance. i wonder if anyone would be interested in me doing some adaptations. i make some pretty sweet custom hunters already. Link.


A longer whip for less damage would be bad ass!!!
Or a shorter one for more damage.


shorter. i vote shorter. 5m for 150base damage. i dare TRS to give me such a weapon of mass destruction.

i’m probably one of the few people who can keep up hits for 5+seconds as lennox. imagine giving me an extra 50-200damage per hit. bwuahahahaha


I agree, shorter would be a blast. Longer would mean easier to sustain combos though, maybe less base damage like 85, but then a fifth and sixth multiplier, so 85 > 170 > 255 > 340 > 425 > 510. That’d be a blast!!!


Yes they’ll be free but I’d pay just so I could get them 10x faster as I hate waiting and Evolve needs freshening up even more but first fix the crashes and graphical bugs on ps4 then we talk about adaptations.